Saturday, July 17, 2010


Family is a fundamental word. A word we all recognise and understand - in one form or another. Some of us came from happy "Norman Rockwell" type families, some of us came from less than picture perfect families. But we all came from family.

Some feel that family is best framed hanging on a wall... some feel that the very best family is the family you choose. I am lucky. I have my biological family that is less than picture perfect - but pretty damn close.... and now I have a leather family....... a family of choice.

Confession here..... I didn't understand how poly families could work - I couldn't get past the feeling that there would be some form of jealousy rearing it's ugly head from time to time. I never thought I could live in a poly family. But now I realize I am in a leather family - and it makes sense to me. AND yes I know there are major differences between the two...... but there are similarities too.. if only in my head.

I think full credit has to be given to the 2 Sirs for making sure that each of us feels valued, needed and special. For making sure we all are encouraged to do what we do best.......that we all have our special place in the family. *I* am the social secretary - keeping a calendar of upcoming events - times - and making sure the family knows when/where these events are happening. Restrik is our french liaison. Do NOT laugh. Here in Montreal it can really help to have someone who is fluent in patois french .. and is known in the french community!! Many a night at play parties he is called in to translate.

And we all protect each other - fiercely... like a family should (in my humble opinion) And it doesn't matter if one is bottom or top......... we defend/protect/support each other.

We laugh and we share and we compromise and we work it out. We communicate (ok ok I am working on the communication thing) but I know that there are family members standing just a little bit behind me pushing me forward - and there are other members just in front - offering out a hand to pull me forward.. all of them supporting me while I move forward.

That is what family is. Support. Love. Caring.

I don't much care if this information is in a profile on some obscure web site. For all of us... this information is in our hearts... where it matters most!


  1. We have lived in an intended poly family for (what is it?) 8 years now. I am sure that jealousy has reared it's ugly head once and a while, but Tom, Sue, and I love each other and are considerate of each others needs. If I am feeling "pissy" I just stay in the 69 condo....if Sue is having a bad day, she hangs in hers, or goes for a walk. We both love Tom too much to put him in the middle just because we are having a "moment".

    And we are extremely protective of each other, too. But I think that is what families do.


  2. that's what I was thinking T.. more similarities than I ever imagined.

    Lots to talk about in 2 days :)

  3. Orage1:46 pm

    I just loved your "patois French" as it's just what it sounds to us French people in France!


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