Wednesday, July 07, 2010


It's one of those days........ where I have a multitude of random thoughts floating around in my addled brain........ bits and pieces.......... this and that............

I have been wondering (just recently) about boundaries and personal space...... (a place I seem to find myself more often than not). A few years ago .. ok ok more than a few... W was playing with me at a public venue where the dungeon was in the basement. It tended to be isolated and not many folks ventured down to play. He had me up on a cross going at my ass with some toy or other... I had my eyes closed enjoying the sensations ........ when I felt like someone was watching me.. Know that feeling??? I opened my eyes to see this guy leaning against the wall right beside me watching .... and........ jerking off. Talk about a quick drop back to reality. I remember feeling like I had been someone's personal porn flick........ and ewwwwwwwww I wanted a shower NOW !!

A couple of weeks ago we were all out at a local club and Sir F was playing in a hallway with restrik (her male sub). Now the hallway was narrow and it was a bit awkward for folks to squeeze by - but most of them quietly said "excuse me" and Sir F adjusted her position to allow them room to walk by. There was a male sub watching the impromptu scene taking place. This didn't bother either Sir F or restrik as we are all accustomed to people watching our play ........... and hell if you play publicly you sorta expect it.

But what one doesn't expect is what happened next. This male sub went to move past Sir F and in doing so ..took the time to press his hard cock into her back! And as often happens to any of us when this sort of indignity happens.... she was shocked and speechless at his actions.

After the fact everyone had an opinion on what should/could/would happen next time.

But I have been thinking how different the reaction is when a male presses his hard cock into a woman...... versus when a woman presses her body - breasts or whatever - into a male. I am wondering why males don't speak up as loudly as women at the indignity of it ??? Is it because they enjoy it?? I find that a bit hard to believe........ honestly there must be some men that find that rude and socially unacceptable. Or is it because a hard cock is far more an indication of the sexual arousal than a pair of hard nipples pressed into a back??


And I have been thinking about how people complain there is no one to play with ........ but I watch them...... and if they come out to a club they circle like vultures barely making polite conversation with anyone. How can you expect anyone to even know you WANT to play if you don't make some sort of 'human' contact with them??? And that observation doesn't just apply to submissives.. I have seen a number of Dominants trolling around play spaces like hungry wolves trying to cut submissives out of the herd.. corner them ... it makes my skin crawl honestly !! Why not try using some of those social skills your teachers tried so hard to teach you........ conversation works really well as an ice breaker.

And while I am on the subject of wants and needs and inappropriate ways of fulfilling them........ What about all the 'newbies' who go on and on ad nauseum about how they need a mentor........ how they want to learn...... yet when they are offered various methods of learning - from an actual breathing mentor - to articles to read and research on the net they lose interest?? Are people growing so lazy these days they want everyone else to do their work / learning for them???

I love the energy that comes from playing publicly. The exhibitionist in me loves the reactions of people who watch the Sirs play with me. I love (yeah I honestly do!!) the chance to mingle and chat with folks and exchange ideas ...........

But some days I do think about the behaviors of some folk.


  1. I can not imagine the circumstance that would cause me to complain when a woman pressed up against me, either accidentally or accidentally on purpose, or for virtually any other reason that did not involve an intent to inflict bodily harm.

  2. Morningstar - lots to think about here. and LOL @ Buffalo. I always assume that men like it... always like it. I'm gonna do some research, as in asking, rather than pressing.


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