Saturday, July 31, 2010

Travel log

Ok folks.. for the next lil while I am gonna bore you all with pics from my trip to The Heron Clan - yeah yeah I know .... you all HATE vacation pics... too bad..... I am dealing with yet another AFOG ...... and travel photos seems a good way to fill the space without sounding like some nut case!!

(Oh for those of you who don't know what AFOG is stands for " Another Fucking Opportunity for Growth")


Before I arrived in Heron Land....... they had sent me an itinerary of things planned but not set in stone. One of the possible activities was a trip to Jungle Jim's. Personally I thought it sounded like an amusement park........ and wondered what they had in mind for me - the one who HATES amusement parks.

Well dear T is the shopper in the family - and she was saddled with the "visitor" on the Jungle Jim trip......... Jungle Jim's is a grocery store....... but a grocery store like none I have ever seen before...

Come walk with me through this adventure in grocery shopping........

This is what greeted me when we pulled into the parking lot...... a grocery store you say????!!!

Soup Aisle

Veggies - if memory serves me right.

Fresh Fish aisle

Just more "scenery" for one's shopping pleasure.

Hot sauce aisle

Oriental food stuffs

obviously cereal aisle

Mexican foods

British foods

Indian foods

Natural Honeys

Everything you could want for your pet and then some!!

All I kept thinking was "thank god I don't a) have a Jungle Jim's close to me and b) thank god I don't have room to bring back food !!!"


  1. That's a truly amazing supermarket. Is it part of a chain, or a one-off?


  2. Hermione - I believe a one of a kind.. Raheretic told me it was the biggest in ...... Ohio?? the States?? I honestly can't remember.. but it is one of a kind and apparently is known far and wide.. people come just to visit Jungle Jim's and I understand why !!!

  3. wow....Never heard of it...but if i ever get even close i am your pics! abby

  4. I wouldn't mind strolling through it with my camera.

    It's sort of like Wall Drug - a drugstore in a small town somewhere in the States (I forget where. Maybe South Dakota.) There are signs along the highway every 30 seconds, advertising it, and it is one block square. It is the town's main tourist attraction.


  5. Where is the pic of you falling into the latrine???? LOLOLOL!

    Jungle Jim's was started by a college student selling fresh veggies and fruit from his car trunk. It is HUGE. Several acres of store. Anything you could possible want. And if they don't have it, all you have to do is ask. Not only will they order it for the store, but they will call you when it is in stock and tell you where in the store you can find it! He is planning on building a hotel because it has become a destination/vacation stop for many people.


  6. That would make shopping much more fun- wish there was one up here!


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