Thursday, July 08, 2010

Foreplay - redefined?

foreplay joke

Have ya given much thought recently to "foreplay"???

I went to the dictionary to find the definition of foreplay - hell I am old - I forget things, things change, I wanted to see if foreplay still meant "foreplay" from days gone by.

The definition I found said:
foreplay [ˈfɔːˌpleɪ]
mutual sexual stimulation preceding sexual intercourse"

which was a HUGE relief - things haven't changed that much !!! Well the definition is still the same.

BUT what is mutual sexual stimulation??? ok I didn't even bother to look that one up......... cause we all know what is sexual stimulation for one person doesn't necessarily mean it is sexual stimulation for another.

BUT we all know what feels good to us.......... and hey that's all that really counts.

Ok - so what got me going on this topic ??? Swan from the Heron Clan wrote an interesting piece on foreplay (not entirely sure that is what she expected me to take from that entry - but it is what it is!!)

I was remembering what foreplay used to be - way back in the day of sex in the back seat of the boyfriend's car. I liked it a whole LOT !! foreplay that is. I wasn't all that interested in the sex part....... but the foreplay ........... hell yes !!

All that touching and stroking and feeling and sweating and moaning ........ the building of anticipation........... (fanning myself) ok ok you get the idea.

Then marriage came and there was barely time for sex never mind foreplay. It had gotten to the point I had almost forgotten what foreplay was. I called it "the mating dance" .......... and I so preferred the mating dance to the culmination......... (ok ok so the guys I was with were probably doing something wrong!! BUT I did prefer the foreplay to the final act)

Where was I ?? oh yeah - thinking about swan's post. She was talking about how spankings are her foreplay. I found myself sitting here at my desk, nodding and smiling and remembering what spankings/floggings/whippings (oh my!!) do to my body. How my body comes alive .. is electrified ... and every touch ..... every sting.. every bit of pain keeps me teetering just on the edge of earthquake proportion orgasms.

And with the right rhythm - the right amount of pain applied in just the right way.. this lil ole masochist can have one of those earthquake orgasms .........

Doesn't happen like that for everyone...... hell it probably doesn't happen to too many - no need for penetration... just the right amount of pain.. yummmmmmm yes sir .. that's my kind of foreplay. Like my opening picture says... "you sure got strange ideas about foreplay Becky Sue"!!!

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  1. LOL yeah anna - I kinda wondered what the hell she was bouncing too... took a closer look .. and just HAD to have that as the pic of the day !!


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