Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lucky lucky sub

Never has there been .. in the history of BDSM .. a submissive as lucky as i am......... no way!! no how !!!

i have a secret love.......... passion........ obsession?? It is football. You can keep hockey.. you can keep baseball.. you can definitely keep golf.......... but when it comes to football.. move over Charlie Brown..... cause i am hooked !!!

i told you all that last weekend Sir took me back to His place on Saturday so that i could watch the Eastern Finals ....... (i don't have sports channels - no point when i only love one sport !!) And our Alouettes won !!!!!!!!!!! Be still my heart !!

i mentioned in passing to Sir.. that it wasn't fair that the Canadiens hockey team has all these supporters with flags flying from their cars.. and the Alouettes who made it to the Grey Cup game don't appear to have even ONE fan flying their flag !! AND i mentioned in passing that i would love to have an Alouettes when it is hockey day at school and everyone else is sporting a Canadien's tshirt.. i could pull on my Alouettes shirt and be a proud fan !!! (wrong sport but ask me if i care??!!)

Now i am betting you have all guessed where i am going with this.......... but you might be wrong !!!

Today i was having one of those....... "why in god's name do i do this job" days........ and i got back to my office with my lunch balanced precariously on a pile of papers.. and noticed i had 4 telephone messages (the answering machine is MY enemy !!) so .. i dutifully hit the play back button and was listening to the messages while i ate lunch...... and there was one message from Sir..... so noisy and garbled that i couldn't make it out.. except it said to call His cell ......... the next message was also from Sir... also garbled .. but i did make it out.. call His cell NOW.........

so ........ being the dutiful slave.. i called His cell NOW.

To find out that He was standing in a store i think........ and that He had bought me an Alouettes tshirt.. AND an Alouettes flag for my car............


better than all that..........

He wanted to know if i wanted to go to the Grey Cup Game on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOD !!!!


i am going to the GREY CUP game !!!!

i have the very best Sir in the whole entire world !!!! And AC (Anthony Calvillo) the Quarter Back is my second great love .. and i am gonna get to watch him in person.. IN PERSON.. on Sunday.......... ohhhhhhh be still my heart !!!

Just tell me he isn't the best looking Quarter Back in football !!!!

i really honestly can't believe it........


Now if Sir can work some BDSM play time in with the game... this coming weekend is gonna be perfect......... P E R F E C T ...... i say !!!

pssssssst know what?? while i was sleeping Sir snuck into the house and left the tickets, the t-shirt and the flag on the kitchen table.......... my god i am spoiled !!!!


  1. Anonymous7:33 am

    It's official... my husband is jealous ;)

    That is awesome! I certainly hope you enjoy the game!

  2. well lets hope the good looknign Quater back does not choke as he has been known to do in the past.

    Ebjoy the game you lucky @#@%#$@$

  3. That was a truly shinin' thing for him to do. Enjoy the game.

    (I will resist the temptation to tell you what I think about your team.)

  4. OMG!
    You are one lucky lil subbie!

    I am wicked jealous! :D

  5. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Enjoy the game, man even I would like to go. I like attending most sporting events but not football so much. To many delays interrupting game play.

    I remember meeting AC in High School, he visited to do some motivational speech the content I could never hope to remember.

  6. I am soooo jealous! Have a wonderful time and remember to dress warmly.


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