Friday, November 14, 2008

Quiet week

Remember my post last Friday - the one where i talked about 25% of our kids being off with the flu?? Well Tuesday morning i went to school feeling fine......... and Tuesday noon i came home with it........ gotta love those sharing bugs !!

Anyway i have been home feeling funky since Tuesday........ and yeah i didn't say anything before because i had other things to talk about....... Today i have nothing to talk about ........ so you get to hear i have been sick all week.......

Sir is up to His eye teeth in renovations at His house......... Yesterday He had movers come in and take all the big stuff out........ Today the renovators come in to discuss schedules.. and - as far as i know - they start renovating on Monday.

Needless to say ..........Sir is swamped.. i am funky........ so life is pretty quiet around here.

i am thinking this is when my submissive side has to come out and be broken sparrow here..... i don't want Sir to come over this weekend........ i want Him to take care of Himself and His stuff.. i don't want to be a burden....... i am a tough old bird and i can honestly take care of myself.. hell i took care of myself all week .. made my own chicken soup ........ so a weekend alone healthy... with a filthy dirty house should be a breeze !!!

That is not to say i won't miss Sir.. cause i will.......... but i have to be unselfish here.. Sir needs to be at home.. needs to get His stuff done....... why would i say the words that would bring Him here?? That would be selfish........ and topping from the bottom.. and all those bad submissive qualities that we try to rid ourselves of.....

i am here to say Domming is a tough job.... ohhhhhh if you are sitting out there looking in.. i guess it doesn't look all that tough........ after all He sits around and snaps His fingers and drinks are refilled - meals are made - even phone calls answered (screened) and sometimes made...laundry is done and i am on my knees at His feet - awaiting His every wish... i leave my body available to Him at all times.. for sex or spankings or any other little whim that He has.. how tough is that you might ask??


cause on top of all the fun stuff He has to play with....... all the boring stuff He can ignore.. He has to read me.. has to figure out what it is i need or want or crave...He has to soothe my tortured soul.. and be IN CHARGE.. even if He doesn't quite feel like being IN CHARGE.. cause that is His job.

And ya know........... we all know........... there are times when being IN CHARGE is just one more burden on an already over-burdened set of shoulders.......


i have sent Sir my morning journal....... i have suggested that it might be best if He took another weekend at home to handle all the responsibilities at that end........... i did that .. because i love this man i call Sir........ and i know when things are swamping Him....... and the very best thing i can do to help when His days are like this is to be invisible.. to wait here quietly for the busy-ness to subside and for Sir to be "on His game" so to speak.............

That - to me - is part of my job as submissive - taking care of Sir's needs first.


  1. Anonymous8:21 am

    Go you!

    Probably you've answered this before, or probably you've said "nunya!" (as in none of your business, you nosy bitch) but, why can't you go to Him? I'm just curious (nosy). :-)


  2. Anonymous2:31 pm

    I do agree that it's hard to be a dom. I certainly couldn't do it. Jesus, the responsibility of it! Give me fetching & carrying any day :)
    And thanks for stopping means I found your blog!



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