Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Forbidden topic..

i was brought up to never ever talk about politics... or religion... not if i didn't want a heated discussion............. and as i hate .. HATE.. heated discussions - or fights as i call them - i have for the most part avoided political discussions or religious discussions...

Our election a couple of weeks ago.... left me feeling bored and totally disinterested.. even before folks went to vote .. most of us knew the outcome.. there wouldn't be one... as the expression goes.. "the more things change the more they stay the same".... and now we are faced with yet another election up here in the Great White North that brings about as much enthusiasm as watching grass grow (for me anyway) ........ it will be another nothing will change election...........

BUT .. to sit up here in the Great White North and watch the elections south of the Border these past 2 years.............. WELL.... wow.

In my entire life (so far) i never thought i would see something new and exciting.. i think of my grandmother and all the new and exciting things she witnessed in her lifetime.. airplanes and television...automatic washing machines.. god the list really is endless.. and it was something she often talked about.. the excitement of growing up in her time........

i never thought............. that i would live to see either a woman as President of the United States.. or .. a black man as President.......... and yet this morning as i sit here drinking my morning coffee watching the sun come up... our neighbours to the south are waking up to a new President.. a Black President.........

and i have to say......... Barak Obama was a man who impressed me tremendously (and it wasn't as much about his being black as it was about the feeling i kept getting that he would bring something new and exciting to this dreary world) .. from the first time i heard / saw him on television. There was something about him that seemed honest.. and down to earth......... i even watched his 30 minute infomercial last week.. and yeah i know some clever ad ex put it together.. BUT there was something about it.. how he spoke to the common person.... in plain language.. no high fluting mumbo jumbo ....... straight talk.......... Every time i saw him speak.. or saw him interviewed i was impressed by his image.. he could be my neighbour.... i felt i could trust this man.......

Time may prove me wrong.. He may be just like all the other politicians that have ever ruled this earth............ but for now.. for this moment while i drink my coffee and watch the sun rise on a new day........ i can dream that there is new hope for this old battered world.. that i will indeed be able to say "i live in interesting times !!"


  1. Lots of us are excited about Barack Obama. This was, indeed, a historic election and I too am thrilled that it happened in my lifetime!!!

    On a sidenote, I get to attend his inauguration in January. Woohoo!


  2. I'm going to sound niggly here but what the hell.

    Mr Obama is half black and half white and hopefully having parental influences from both colours will arm him with information that will help him build bridges between racial divides.

    Yaknow I kind of feel it is not right labeling him as black only just because one of his parents was black. His white mother is probably just as important to him as his black father and I just don't think that it is right to dismiss his white cultural heritage.

    After all isn't the whole point that people of all colours should be equal. Should this not be applied to parents and parental influence as well?


  3. Anonymous10:03 pm

    i heard a comment on NPR that if Barack Obama had been a dark-skinned Afro-American, he wouldn't have had a chance. i took objection to that, even as i sort of acknowledged the truth of it.

    But i don't think this campaign was about his race!

    i remember times when there were separate drinking fountains and rest rooms. (OK i was only a little one, but i remember). i remember my mother saying things that i didn't understand at all (Negroes are lazy, as an example). Yes i was quite young.

    i also remember sitting in my junior college Student Union and having to exit quickly because of the riot starting on the 2nd floor (i wasn't that young anymore, but still naive).

    i remember crying when Martin Luther King Jr. died; i remember crying when John F. Kennedy died (not in chronological order).

    i remember way too much about discrimination and integration and busing.

    What i don't remember? A time when the U. S. finally came to its senses and voted for the right man for the job.

    That's why i voted for him, and i hope to all of the gods and goddesses that is why most of us voted for him. He is the right man for the current job! We need his energy, his intelligence, his humanity (who cares what his skin color might be?)

    A friend thought that i would berate her for voting for Obama and not the woman. Excuse me, i want the right person to lead this country, despite gender, race, or religious affiliation.

    i am so proud that Obama won, and i hope that he can do at least some of the things he promised in his campaign (we know that he can't do them all -- but some).

    i'm glad that people from the Great White North see this election's outcome as a positive for your neighbors to the South, because a lot of us agree with you.

    Let's hope that he can do even half of the things he wants to do!

    i didn't vote for Obama because he was Afro-American, i voted for him because he is what the U.S. needs!



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