Saturday, November 08, 2008

5 A.M.

yup.. it is Saturday.. and 5 a.m. and i am up. No sunrise for me this morning.. no coffee - yet.

i am alone.

Someone said to Sir last night - "it's Friday - where is morningstar?" and His answer "I am pooped and need some space".

And so i am faced with a weekend alone.. a weekend to do whatever the hell i want.. when i want.. how i want.

i have Christmas cards to play with .. to design.. to have fun with...
i have more Danish blue and white woven baskets to make..
i have laundry and a house to clean ...
i have a bottle of Baileys, and a bottle of bubble bath..and a multitude of candles waiting..

i feel i have been enough of a burden?? enough of a stress?? enough of something on Sir.. and now i must prove that i can be that quiet invisible subbie ... and give Him His space ....

This weekend will be unique......... i am not sick .. i do not have Sir.. i do not have schedules or plans.... i am really truly on my own.............

we shall see what comes from this ............. freedom.


  1. Relax, unwind, recharge, we all need a few days like that sometimes. Enjoy it, Baileys and a bubble bath sounds very tempting.


  2. I am hoping, as evening falls here, that your first day of "freedom" has been good.

    I know what it is like to work to be that "invisible" submissive presence when that seems to be called for. Sending you warm thoughts and energies that it can be a positive and restful pause for you and your Sir.

    Hugs, swan

  3. Freedom must have a strange taste the question is it pallidible?


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