Sunday, November 23, 2008

All's well that ends well

First of all.. i have to thank everyone who commented on my last "dilemma" post. Unfortunately i haven't had internet service for 24 hours - therefore it has taken me till today to get back here...

And i have had a mystery infection in my finger..

And and and.. well you can read how my list of dilemmas got bigger and bigger on Sir’s site..

On Friday - after i wrote that original blog on "dilemma" - i did some thinking and pushing myself.. and came up with a plan.. a brilliant plan !!!

BUT first the task........

Sir had said (because He couldn't come over this weekend due to renovations) that i would drive to Him on Sunday and we would take the bus/metro to the football game. Sounds like a good plan right?? considering 60,000+ fans are going into the stadium....... right great plan. Except for one thing.. or maybe two .. maybe three??

1) i HATE driving alone at night - and i would be driving home after the game around 10 or 11 pm
across a BIG bridge that scares me in the day time..

2) a red light on my dash board has been flickering for over 2 weeks - i kept hoping i could ignore it till my appointment with the mechanic next week........ but now .. i was gonna be driving at night over a BIG bridge alone.. and i had visions of the car breaking down in the middle of the BIG bridge.. and me being alone.. and trust me that was a scary thought!!!

3) i have lost confidence


The Plan........

i was not going to tell Sir.. because He would never EVER want me to stress over driving - something He enjoys .. He would see it as part of His job to keep me safe.

i did take the car into the local Canadian Tire on Friday afternoon - told them about the light flickering.. told them what it wasn't .. and asked them to fix it.. it took a couple of hours and $100 but by 4pm my car was safe to drive again.. and my confidence was a little bit restored.. i could do this now..

oh yeah...... and i charged up my cell phone

i pictured myself .. locking myself safely into the car and heading home.. radio blaring.. me bopping along to happy music.. getting home safe and sound...

i was ready to do this..........

The Altered Plan....

Sir showed up Saturday afternoon as the renovators had finished for the weekend.. the smell in the house was overpowering (from the varnished floors) ... so now He decided He would find an alternative to the original Grey Cup Game plan.........

And .. because He was coming up with alternate plans i didn't think i could handle.. i told Him everything.................. and asked if please.. we couldn't stick to the original plan.. leaving from His house via bus and metro.. leaving my car at His house.. and returning to His house so i could pick up my car.. .my brain had worked around that plan...... had dealt with it.. had accepted it...

Sir said NO... He will not let me go through the stress of driving home alone .. late at night... He doesn't see the point in ruining the day for me

There will be other opportunities to stare down a long lonely night drive.. but for tonite.. i will be safely buckled into Sir's car.


  1. Life really IS better when you just work the problem!
    Good for you ... and again, what an awesome Sir! :D

  2. littleone's problem was a valid problem, but one that should never have been... When someone has a scary problem they NEED to work it out for themselves, but at the same time they need to know that it is ok to be frighten but also to get help...

    In My mind My littleone can work out anything she is challenged with I have seen it in the past and KNOW will happen in the future..

    In this case I just want her to have fun at the game and she needs knot worry about anything but the game...

    Owner of this strong littleone

  3. I'm thinking of you both enjoying the Grey Cup as I type this.


  4. Having read this and swan telling me of her reading and commenting on the "Dilemma" post I became intrigued that it was the famous Grey Cup tonight. Of course what with we in the U. S. being so parochial and ingnorant of things beyond our own culture, I had no idea this was that big day. I find Canadian football interesting. I used to live in Toledo and on our cable TV there we used to get a CBC station there out of Windsor and I used to catch Canook football sometimes and it was great and just different enough from NFL ball to be really interesting.

    So I became determined to find a way for us to listen to the Grey Cup. I searched for a TV possibility and it became clear I could only access it via an esoteric pay TV network called Versus which we've never subscribed to. Then I tried CBC radio online. While there was clearly interesting radio programming and eventually a news report of the game's progress there was no broadcast. Then I remembered we subscribe to Sirius satellite radio. We normally only listen to it in the car, but we do have a unit we can play in the house if we can get a good signal. I searched on line and found the station carrying The Grey Cup. We changed the station and sure enough there it was! It was the end of the third quarter and the Stampeders had just kicked a field goal to take their first lead. Now as I type, the Stampeders have just interecpted the Alouettes when thery were threatening to score. So swan and I are sitting here listening to the Grey Cup on a Montreal AM station.....AM 800 I think via satelite radio:) My god, what a wonderful game you are seeing, and thank you for clueing us in to enjoy it with you.

    I hope you've had a wonderful game and a safe journey home.

    All the best to you both my friends,


    Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.


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