Saturday, November 29, 2008

fet wear

i have been thinking a lot these last couple of days about "fetwear" - why you might ask???

Because we are going to this party tonight ... and as with all BDSM parties - fet wear is the dress code.

i am going to assume in this day and age .. everyone knows what a fetish is..... but do you know the history of fetish???
The word fetish originally meant "charm," and it originates from the 15th century Portuguese word feitico , which means false power, object or charm.

Now of course it has come to mean.. leather or latex... high heels.. corsets.. lingerie.. the list is endless...

BUT what happens to those that do not have a fetish????? Long ago and far away - when i was first dabbling with BDSM - i thought i couldn't go to clubs because i did not have a fetish..or fet clothing.. and it always made me a little angry that the men got to wear - if they wished - black shirt and black pants and that was good enough. The women.. ohhhhhh they were expected to be all decked out in fetwear.. leather or latex.. or some sexy or slutty looking outfit......and it had better be BLACK!! (i HATE black)

Sir took me shopping way back then...... to buy some sexy lingerie that would work as fet wear..... and i have worn it...
i actually have a garter belt with the required black stockings..

i have a slinky black dress that fits where it touches and leaves nothing to the imgination... and on a cold wintery's night .. leaves me shivering with goose bumps (how attractive is that!!??)

i have seen women show up in army camouflage shorts .. top .. and jaunty lil cap......... that left me wondering what point they were trying to make....

i have seen women show up in slinky shiny latex cat suits ........ nice on them.. but most definitely NOT for me.. and how the hell do you "play" in something like that???

and i have watched as the BDSM scene has grown and grown until a lot of the clubs are now filled with leather/latex sporting young nubile bodies.. (yeah and some older less than nubile that should have given up skin tight latex long ago)

why can't i just say my fetish is looking charming?? wearing attractive clothing that i can easily strip out of when Sir wishes to hang me from some piece of equipment and do what REALLY turns my crank .. and that is beat me??\

WHY oh why do i have to dress up in some one else's idea of fetwear - feel naked and exposed and uncomforable.. when that is NOT my kink or my fetish???

It's enough to make me want to stay home........


  1. Anonymous2:44 pm

    fully agree, and i do stay home 90% of the time...

  2. Sounds to me like ... never mind.

  3. More fun at home I suspect! No beating around the bush aye?
    errrr I meant well ya know!

  4. In our world, fetish-wear is what the S & M'ers wear...they Stand & Model and never get sweaty when they play. They strike a pose and pray they gather a crowd to drool over their lovliness...

    Gag. Not our style. Wear what you want and play as you like. And to hell with everyone else. Who are you going to the event for? The S & M'ers or Sir and yourself?




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