Saturday, November 15, 2008

You've got Mail

Yesterday - just after lunch - i was sitting in my office working when i received an email from Sir informing me that He WOULD be coming for our Friday afternoon coffee klutch .. AND .. He added - 'beating your ass - perhaps several times' over the weekend.

Now you have to understand Sir and i keep all our emails that go to school - vanilla at best - coded at worst. This "beat your ass" was a first.. and a shocker .. and had me blushing and laughing in the privacy of my office.

i was excited Sir was coming - my ass was gonna get beat - so i had a knee jerk reaction and fired off some cheeky comment to the email.. to which Sir sent back an almost immediate cheekier email.

At this point Mr. M wandered into my office to talk about some work related project.. my email program was open on the desktop.. and lo and behold no sooner does Mr. M sit down beside me
than the "you've got mail" window popped up.... but not as generic as that it.. it said who it was from.... and i could feel my heart start to pound a little bit.. mostly in anticipation.. but a little bit cause my principal was sitting beside me and i might be 'exposed' so to speak.

Mr. M glanced up at the monitor and asked me if i wanted to open it??? i could feel the blushes starting..NO i did not want to open and read it..... Mr. M got this wicked look on his face .. smiled and said "sure"??

What a start to my weekend...

And after our coffee klutch - and dinner.. i could be found over the ottoman with my ass in the air.. and Sir beating it............. YAY Sir!!!

and now i am off for a shower ... a shopping trip.... and a fun weekend !!! More on the Monday Morning Report.......

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  1. YAY, Sir! Yay, you! Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs, swan


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