Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Morning Report

Ok ok .. so it is Monday evening........ sue me !!!

Now.. let's play my version of Where is Waldo?? except in this case.. where is the subbie??

welllllll Sir claims i am in there.. somewhere... and Sir has to be right .. right?? cause Sirs are always right !!!

But wait.. you already know about the game.. how Sir drove me .. there and back.. and let me tell you .. i was NEVER so glad to be driven anywhere at any time !!! There were 66,380 fans in the stadium.. and i swear 40,000 of them took the underground passage way to the metro system (subway)......... we were packed in so tight i almost have sympathy for sardines... and i found myself thanking the powers who be .. that the Alouettes lost the game.. cause the crowd was subdued and quiet in comparison to what they would have been like IF the Alouettes had won !!! i do NOT 'do' crowds well.. by the time we got back to Sir's car .. i was exhausted.. more from the noise and crowds than from the late hour!!

Now there is one other bit of news to talk about and that is.. Stadium seats.

Why do they make them so uncomfortable?? so hard?? so squished together?? ok ok.. squished together i get.. but hard???

oh wait....... i remember why they felt so hard................. cause Saturday evening.. Sir decided that my ass needed a whooping............. or that He needed to get out His frustrations from all the renovations........whatever the reason.. my ass was over the ottoman.. and Sir was using the crop... sometimes really nice.. the sensual sort of cropping that makes me moan softly and drip .. and wiggle my ass at Him.. other times it was hard and fast.. the sort of strikes that make my knuckles go white.. and my ass wiggle away from him.. and the "OH FUCK that hurts" come out of my mouth......... when it was over.. Sir kept poking at a spot on my ass.. that made me wince and yelp. i may not bruise so one can see........ but oh my god.. i do get deep bruising that leaves hard spots that hurt like hell when poked............


as i discovered....... hurt like hell when i sit on a hard seat !!!

and that dear readers .. was my weekend in a nutshell.............


  1. I didn't see a mention of the final score.

  2. Did you buy those seats for the libing room after all they look like classic Alouette chairs, they looklike chairs just do not perform like chairs sounds right.


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