Saturday, November 01, 2008


Sometimes life can be as complicated as the folding of origami....... and requiring as much patience...

i have tried origami - more than once. i find it fascinating as well as extremely frustrating.. i see the pattern .. i know what to do.., but fumbling fingers and lack of patience tend to leave me with a less than perfect finished product.

Yesterday was a bit like that.. from early morning to late evening.. my fumbling fingers managed to mash up things.... crease them and crumble them.. and leave me pushing harder for perfection and landing up more and more frustrated until tears filled my eyes..

LAST weekend was why can't this weekend be perfect!!??? what is wrong with me that one weekend i can do exactly what is expected of me..and have this perfect finished product .. and the next weekend i struggle with the folds.. struggle with the pattern.. and land up feeling crumbled and messy .. and undesirable??

time to start again??

refold reform remold

et voila - with any luck -

perfection - or close to it.............


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  1. I am a blackbelt in origami,,, I will fold you into a thousand pieces.....


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