Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dark before Dawn

It is just before dawn and i am awake ... slow moving.. but awake... it is a quiet time of day........ none of my neighbours are up or out .. it is the quiet before the "storm" i call it. It is the time of day i love ...........

my body is returning to normal....... on two fronts. The bruises don't hurt as much and my energy levels are peaking to normal again.... (i actually managed to wash 3 sets of hard wood floors when i got home yesterday - including moving furniture to do it!! and all before dinner !!)

i cheated a bit last night when i was chatting with Sir... He is busy looking and looking for more train stuff.. so i put on a dvd on my portable dvd player that i am just really learning to appreciate....... and watched the Illusionist while we chatted. i loved it... the movie i mean. It was like a fairy tale...... happy ever after ending. And i didn't feel quite so ignored .. not like usual. The thought did cross my mind i may have created a monster with this train thing.........BUT i am trying very hard not to be such high maintenance.

i will be alone tonite..... Sir is doing some volunteer work at the local veteran's hospital ... playing bingo with them or organising bingo... something along those lines. i get to amuse myself for an evening... i am thinking cleaning the main level might be a good idea.. especially since Sir has invited some vanilla friends for dinner on the weekend......... and the house hasn't had a good cleaning since i got sick a month ago.........i could hope for some nice bdsm tasks to do instead........but i really am trying NOT to be high maintenance.. just a quiet invisible sub .. waiting to be needed..... He taught me that at the very beginning.. "a good sub is invisible"

i do like the quiet before the dawn - time to think about "things"...


  1. Let's see how well you clean the house with your bell hanging from your piercing and your nipples holding on to your clamps..

    ps: This isn't a request but rather a task..

    Owner of morningstar

  2. Anonymous9:22 am

    I was going to say something sweet but then I see that comment from your Sir and now I'm just all giggles.

    It's going to be hard to be invisible with bells on I bet. :D


  3. So much for "invisible"!

  4. Good all over Warren. His volunteer work is a good thing.

  5. Wellllllllll i am SO glad you all got such a good laugh out of my not being invisible this evening......... (pouting !!)

    i HATE wearing nipple clamps.. never mind the ding dang bell which seems to tug and pull every which way when i move... never mind tinkling ever so sweetly which drives my cats wild........

    off to find the bell and clamps.. mop and duster and vacuum......

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  6. Thinking that a person should probably be careful what they wish for...


  7. Anonymous8:33 pm



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