Friday, March 02, 2007


i was feeling just a tad sorry for myself on Thursday...... sick again!! At least the very beginning.. "in the beginning there was nothing".. that beginning..... i warned Him that i was a terrible horrible patient. i can be sick for 24 hours but anything past 24 hours i am a terrible horrible patient !!

This time i didn't wait 24 hours... i didn't wait for my recheck .. i went straight to the clinic with my throat that felt like it was swollen closed.. with my cough..with my no voice - just a squeak... (and they are still perfecting line ups at our clinics.. ) i sat for a little over 4 hours in a waiting room full of sick people - if i wasn't sick going in.. i sure as hell was gonna be sick coming out.. makes for good repeat business i think ........the doctor joked about giving me frequent flyer points - 3 visits in as many weeks...... he poked .. he prodded.. he hummed and he hawed.. and finally he asked "does your throat hurt?" my god man !! that is the whole reason i was there.. and in case he hadn't noticed i mentioned again that i had no voice.. in this squeaky (not at all sexy) voice ..

Final diagnosis.. i caught a cold. A C O L D !!!! a plain old fashioned cold!! i NEVER go to the doctor with a cold !! sighhhhhhhh my throat was not going to swell up and close .. i was going to land up coughing and blowing and feeling perfectly cold miserable.. it was just a cold !!!

i rushed home to tell Sir.. no school till after break was the good news.. the bad news i had a cold.... which really in the large scheme of things isn't that bad....AND Sir was pleased.. even if He does have to contend with a sick subbie for another weekend.......... and even if there is storm marching in that just may prevent Him from arriving on schedule Friday afternoon (in like a lion out like a lamb??)

Sir was going out for dinner with friends .... He decided i needed tender loving care.. lots of sympathy to feel better.. Sir's brand of sympathy and tender loving care?? "At 7:00 pm put clamps on your pussy lips for 10 minutes...... then text message me and tell me it is done... at 7:30 put clamps on your pussy for 10 minutes then text message.. at 8:00 put clamps on your pussy and text message.. at 8:30 have a nice hot bath for the cold .. but make sure the clamps are on the pussy IN the bath...... text message it is done and you are going to bed"...

i do so love His brand of sympathy!! i felt ohhhhhhhhh so much better as i climbed into if the snow can hold off enough for Him to get here...........


as Sir reminded me.. it is the 2nd of March and my entry on the Fictional Journey is one day late........ for your reading pleasure hit the link on the right ...


    Now THAT is what I call TLC!

    *ACK* I understand what you're saying about the clinic.
    At some point or another this week, I've had all 3 of my boys in.
    Yes, they are ALL sick ... *blech*

    Hope Sir can make it in and give you some more TLC! ;)

  2. Anonymous11:47 am

    Do they not understand the building up of the ache that accompanies these repeated applications of clamps!? Don't they??

    What am I saying? Of course they do. ;-)

    A little shot of endorphins is good for a cold. Or so I hear.


  3. Anonymous1:25 pm

    I do hope you get better soon!

  4. kaya........ talking about needling pink bits.. you might want to take a look at the fictional journey.. (cheeky grin).. wrote it with you in mind.......

  5. Buffalo.. can You hear me yelling RED on the Buckleys??

    besides (she says innocently) i am SURE i am not allowed to take Buckleys.. i am not allowed to take cold medicine..

    smiling innocently
    morningstar (owned by Warren)


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