Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cleaning house.......

Well here are the pics of my very own torture devices...........

Have i told you that i HATE nipple clamps??? god how i hate them !! they leave dimples in my nipples that hurt .. i mean really HURT !! nipples are not supposed to have dimples in them !!

And i want to report i was very good........... a friend called right in the middle of my cleaning and tinkling......... (tinkling as in the sound a bell makes ....... NOT peeing!!! god !! i could hear what you were all thinking !!) and i thought about removing the clamps..... because the order was to wear them while i cleaned.. and i was rationalizing if i wasn't cleaning then i didn't have to wear them...... right?? BUT i figured Sir wouldn't see it quite that way...... so i left the clamps on and chatted away... which extended the wear time by at least 20 minutes!!

And i kept thinking about the bell (hard not to think about it .. as every time i moved it tinkled) that it was originally meant to be put on a cat's collar .. and here i was clipping this cat bell on to my clit ring........ gives a whole new meaning to belling the pussy no???

AND i never realized how much i use my upper body to guide the vacuum when i am doing the stairs!! but i learned the hard way - because the damn chain from the clamps kept getting caught in the handle and tugging .. hard!

But after nearly a month the main level of the house is clean........ my nipples are dimpled.. and my clit is twitching........ and NO i am not complaining..


  1. Sounds like a fun way to clean the house!

    Have to keep these things in mind ...

  2. Anonymous5:35 pm

    I'll never look a cat collar bell in the same way ever again! LOL

  3. Sorry for being so damned ignorant, but you know vanilla it seemly for a slave to be so filled with hubris that she brags about doing what she is told to do?

  4. Anonymous11:03 pm

    I don't see how it's bragging?


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