Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lessons my father taught me.....

My father taught me most of the usual lessons one teaches their children........ like never talk to strangers..... he taught me how to be a lady..or god love him he tried to! (sit with your knees together and at a slight angle...... take small steps... hold your head high and your back straight) BUT almost as important as never talk to strangers was never discuss politics - EVER! i can remember the first time i was going to vote in an election (which was another lesson - ALWAYS cast your vote!) He lectured me forever and a day about never ever telling anyone who i was voting for.. it was private - as private as how much money one earned - or how much one spent on their new car/house/whatever.

And so i have continued following his instructions re politics........ i keep my opinions to myself - well most of the time. Another thing that has happened over the years is that i have become disillusioned with my philosophy of democracy and politics. And so i rarely if ever read a news paper or listen to a news broadcast - i just don't see the point.

Until recently............ Here in Quebec (for those of you who don't know) we have a party called the PQ.. they are your basic home grown separatists who believe Quebec should separate from the rest of Canada - i tend to pfffffffft and scowl a lot when i hear anything about them......... But they have a new party leader - who caught my interest originally because he was very young .. openly homosexual and had used cocaine.

This week he opened his mouth yet again and made a reference to slant eyed students at Harvard. He won't apologise for his comment saying the term slant eyed in french is perfectly alright - maybe even politically correct??

BUT that isn't what i really want to talk about........ getting back to my father's rule about politics...... i broke that rule last evening when i brought up this whole mess with Sir over dinner..... Sir doesn't believe Boisclair should apologise. (which doesn't mean Sir agrees with his comments - only that Sir believes a politician should not back down) and i argued the man did not need to apologise for the comment........ but he could apologise for hurting people's feelings. i said he was an arrogant SOB and i couldn't believe his attitude. i was riled ! (which is putting it mildly) Sir and i got into a heated debate about the whole issue and a few other political issues. i could hear my father whispering in my ear "I told you so" over and over.

i was pretty pissed when i got up to clean off the table and do the dinner dishes... i was pretty pissed off while i was doing the dishes. i was pissed off cause Sir didn't agree with me! HOLD ON! STOP THE PRESSES! i was pissed cause He didn't agree with me?? What is wrong with that picture!? and it has very little to do with D/s or BDSM... ughhhhh blew my belief that everyone has the right to their own opinions / theories/ philosophies and does NOT have to agree with me right out the damn window didn't i??

i did some thinking too.......... would i want a Sir who changes His mind to agree with me?? with anyone?? don't i believe one should stick to their beliefs through thick and thin?? ughhhhhhhh slap me upside the head again!!

And all those thoughts were rolling around in my head latter in the evening when Sir decided to have some fun with those bloody awful heart clips (more like alligator clips!) that i bought Him for Valentine's day....... remember them??

He put them on each breast .. after 20 minutes or so He took them off and moved them around - delighting in my gasps of pain and tears ........ after 20 more minutes take them off move em around again.

Then Sir had this brilliant idea to see how they would look clipped to my ass ......... to my ass !!!! The first one went on and the tears were automatic .. knee jerk .. unstoppable. i believe he managed to get all but one on ....... the tears flowed freely. He even jiggled them and played with them.. He even tried to get a little sex play going - which is when what little self respect i was holding on to gave way........ and i sobbed ... and begged Him to stop. And Sir did. It was over... the clips came off my ass felt pierced in 8 different places .. my nose was running.. my face tear stained.

BUT Sir didn't change His mind ........ despite my pleas........ and He didn't apologise for hurting me......... did i want Him to?? nope. of course not. How does this tie into the lessons my father taught me or the fact we have a twit running for Premier ?? it doesn't...
(laughing) it had a point when i started.. but somewhere in the writing the point got lost...........


  1. I would think it almost impossible to have a relationship without political or philosophical discussions entering the conversation. I certainly don't expect agreement and I wouldn't want anyone to espouse a belief to please me - but it sure is sweet when the I am able to show someone that I am correct. Or be shown that I have been incorrect.

  2. The photo of the young politician Boisclair reminds me of a young "Mr. Rogers!" whose kid show used to be played on PBS stations a lot here in the States. Not sure if they showed it up in Canada.

    That in itself would probably tend to "creep" me out a little bit and make it very difficult for me to not here in the background music of my mind the song "Won't You Be My Neighbor" or whatever it was entitled on his show every time I was looking at him making it extremely difficult for me to ever take anything he said seriously without busting out in laughter!

    Do you know that song? started out like...."IT'S a beautiful day in the neighborhood, etc, etc, etc.

    (etc. etc. etc. always reminds me of Yule Brenner from the King and I...yum!)

  3. obvious should read HEAR

  4. Anonymous7:10 pm

    no hun, I think you got your point across quite well! Dad's are great! I miss mine terribly. He was an idiot when I was 16...but by the time I turned 21, I was amazed at what the old man had learned! LOL

    take care

  5. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Well... I agree with your Sir on this one and even for further reason... Boisclair doesn't have to apologize... What he said was said to French people, in French language... and for French speaking from all around the world, saying that someone has 'les yeux brides' as in anyway the pejorative meaning that 'slant eyed' has in English... It is exactly like saying that an African is Black, it is a physical characterist... quite far from saying that he is a nigger, which is pejorative just as 'negre' is in French... Could be nice if English speaking people in Quebec had a little knowledge of the language before judging of the meaning of some words... but, as wrote Pierre Foglia in La Presse today, In Canada, a knife is a knife, and will never be un couteau...

  6. searabbit..... first off.. Boisclair is running for office in a province of many languages and many immigrants.. He didn't realize some of us might be listening to him??? during an election campaign???

    and i never said he should apologise for using the word..... what i said was .. it would be nice - when he was told that he had upset a large number of people from the oriental race - that he might explain the usage and apologise for offending them - not for the words. Something along the lines of I apologise if the misunderstanding about the use of the words les yeux brides caused anyone discomfort.

    i just expect a little higher standard from someone who wants my vote.

    AND that is most definitely my last political word / comment - EVER...

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  7. Anonymous8:49 am

    littleone... if you had listen to him in French... at place of taking the obviously bias 'translation' from a journalist in search of something to sale papers, you won't have find those words offensive, because any French would have see them as offensive... ;-)
    BTW... and only as a personal info... I don't particularly like Boisclair... and definitively don't believe anymore in PQ...
    Let's close that topic... ;-)


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