Sunday, March 04, 2007

4th Weekend

AND counting....... yup it has been 4 weekends that i have had one bug or another... which does not mean that Sir hasn't been having some fun with me... it just means the play is altered to reflect my energy or rather my lack of it..........

Last night was no different.. After dinner.. and somewhere around 9:00 pm!! Sir told me to go and pick a paddle that i wanted Him to use on me. My initial response was " are You F*^%*ing crazy???!" But knowing better than using that exact phrase.. i just smiled nicely and said "yes Sir". (SEE - i can be good !! )

So downstairs i went... and stood looking at the toy wall.... there was this paddle......

i kinda thought maybe............but then changed my mind as i remembered the awful bone rattling whallops that come from that paddle..

Then i looked at this paddle.. i even went so far as to take it down off the wall.......

But then i remembered how hard Sir likes to hit with this one.. how the holes make it more .. god i don't remember the expression aerodynamic or something.

And then i spied this one....... ( i am starting to sound like goldilocks - that one will hurt toooo much .. and that one will hurt wayyyyyy too much...... )

i remembered this one !! Master Calvin and june gave Sir this little white paddle at an event we were all at this past summer. It looked so cute hanging on the wall between the two big butt busting paddles....... and it looked like it would be "just right!!" so i took it down, and brought it back upstairs.

Sir slapped His hand a couple of times with it.. testing sort of.. while He smiled at me like i had possibly lost my mind. He even asked if i remembered this paddle?? Reminded me it was teflon......... i kept nodding like one of bouncing head dolls... i kept thinking but it is so small and so cute looking............

So i went down on my knees bent over the sofa while Sir went to work on my ass with the cute lil white teflon - just right - paddle. The first few swats WERE just right.. and i made the mistake of thinking "i could get to like this!" When the swats became harder and faster and moving .. all over my ass.. even into the "sweet spot" just where the legs join the ass.. know that spot???? and i was yelping and bopping around (as much as possible considering as Sir was holding my down) and thinking to myself .. not so cute or little anymore !!!

If anyone is interested.. teflon molds to the form it is spanking folks..... AND it doesn't break.. (trust me i know.. Sir tried!) When the session was over.. the teflon paddle had this cute lil curve in the middle where it had molded to my ass !! and my ass??!! Well it is now 12 hours later and my ass is still burning .. and sore to sit on........ AND Sir mentioned that i have 2 punishments coming this morning (at the very least!) and i think i should go and make that cute lil "just right" teflon paddle disappear....................


  1. Once again My THANKS to Master Cal :-))

    Owner of morningstar

  2. I don't understand you, Morningstar. The poor man works hard to make you happy, give you the things that you need and crave, and you complain, complain, complain.

    I tell you - it isn't easy being a man.

  3. *thinks* "There are NO nice paddles.... ALL paddles are evil!"


  4. Anonymous9:10 pm

    I soooo know about that "sweet spot"!
    Paddles can be very surprising, I know that one too.
    Pillows, but I'm sure you've been there, long, long ago.

  5. Anonymous9:34 am

    Hey :)

    I can never manage to get to your email address with the link over there, but if you'll send me over a quick email, I'll give you that link.

    "nice" paddles. What an oxymoron that is. :D

    kaya (onlytess at hotmail)

  6. Molds to ones ass, eh??
    Have to keep THAT in mind.

    I'm more of a whip girl myself, but OH! what a good smack in the "sweet spot" does to me!


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