Saturday, March 24, 2007

tap tap tap

It was 9ish when Sir decided it was time to play with my lil ass......... i was so not in the mood........ BUT i pulled the footstool over and presented my ass to Him. He had the crop and the cane ........ that's it ..... that's all. Two of my least favourite toys... welllllllllllll i guess if i was gonna be truthful none of the toys are my favourite at 9 pm on a Friday after a long week at work.........

Sir started with the crop.. pat pat pat then whallop... some more pat pat pat whallop....... and on and on .. till i thought i was gonna scream. It would have felt ohhhhhh so nice if Sir had kept to the ass.. to the cheeks - to the nice fleshy easy to take area... but ohhhhhhhhh nooooooo.. not Sir.. He was determined to cover the whole ass area with pat pats and whallops... from the soft spot where the ass joins the thighs right up to the very tip top part of the ass..

And He didn't even wait for me to get "into" the pat pat whallop rhythm before He changed to the cane.. the dreaded school master cane... ughhhhhhh that is a miserable toy... toy??? don't even try to call it a "toy"... it is a wicked nasty evil pain giver......... that is what it is !! One hit compresses the skin and nerve endings.. leave the cane pressing into the skin for a brief time then lift......... skin then bounces back and the blood rushes back into the area and basically you get two painful reactions for the price of one!! (my Sir always did love a good deal !!)

On and on it went.. whack .. wait.. lift.. OUCH.. whack .. wait .. lift .. OUCH.... finally i honestly didn't think i wanted any more .. could stand any more.. and i wiggled neatly around the edge of the footstool - just out of reach of the cane and Sir........... then it happened.. something i have never seen/heard Sir do before.. He tapped the cane against the floor - in the exact spot He wanted me......... "tap tap tap" i actually had to look to see what He was doing............ tap tap tap.. i moved my lil ass back into position...

tap tap tap.. not a word .. not a command .. just the tap tap tap and i moved just as i was supposed to .. offering my ass up for more pain.. and again when it was just too much .. i wiggled out of reach and there it was .. that tap tap tap.. and i moved back.. and it started all over.. whack .. wait.. lift .. OUCH..........

When i woke up this morning i heard (in my memory) that tap tap tap.... that simple sound is embedded in my memory............ tap tap tap move your ass....... makes me think... for some stupid reason... of the poem.. someone came knocking on my wee small door.. someone came knocking i am sure sure sure.....


  1. you omitted to tell your kind readers that I also placed My hand on your backside to hold you down from time to time especially when you started jumping up when I would place those loving tap,tap,taps on your oh so lovely red ass....

    Owner of littleone

  2. reminded me of the old song Susie Snowflake: "Here comes Susie Snowflake dressed in a snow white gown tap-tap-tapping at your window pane to tell you she's in town." (something like that).

    So thank you! I have a new "visual" to go with that song...NO forget the snowflakes and little innocent-looking Susie who appeared sort of like an Ice Queen tapping on one's windowpane no! I will forevermore only be able to think of and envision in my mind, an image of your ass getting flogged with that cane any time I hear that song! ;P

    I do hope you have the most enjoyable weekend ever! ;)

  3. It is too damned early to be up witing and posting - or reading.

  4. Buffalo

    up early because there was a train show Sir declared a "no miss" deal.. and then some train shopping for me.. that i declared (in a nice subbie way) was a "no miss" deal.......

    and all before yet another vanilla event this evening.......

  5. You deserve a number of vanilla weekends. Don't look to me for pity.

  6. Anonymous10:40 am

    The infamous cane!!! I don't like it either... but I love the marks from it... Those almost straight crayon like marks... Hummm... should I say again that I miss something???


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