Monday, March 19, 2007

A subbie decree

i love my vanilla friends - i really do!! AND i love my family - honest i do!! BUT to have two engagements on the same weekend one with family one with vanilla friends is too much!!

Soooooo i decree from now on......... only one family or vanilla engagement is allowed over a one weekend period. There just isn't any other way !!! cause know what happens when there is too much vanilla and not enough BDSM?? A cranky needy bitchy weepy subbie appears.... like magic!!! she just pops up .. like a rabbit out of a hat.....

There is something that makes a subbie brain very different from a normal vanilla brain.. maybe even from a Dom brain. The subbie brain prepares... it calculates.. it imagines.. it fantasizes.. it prepares (ooooooops i said that already didn't i??)

BUT it is so very true .. the sub brain prepares itself for pain. Let me give you an example. On New Year's Day Sir and i were having some BDSM friends over for a party / get together. Sir had me fetch the new tack paddle and place it in easy reach (translate - put it in the kitchen) Then He had me fetch the antiseptic and the cotton pads and put them in easy reach (translate - put them with the paddle in the kitchen). Then sometime during the evening Sir told me to fetch the paddle. My heart started pounding, my palms got sweaty and .. well yes.. i just plain got wet. Sir had me present myself over the footstool .. ass bared for all to watch. Sir showed everyone the paddle.. He pointed out the tacks poking through...... the build up was awesome. My mind and body was ready. i braced myself for impact. Sir raised the paddle and gave me one light tap. i waited. He went on talking about what usually happened. Then He patted my ass and handed me the paddle and told me to put it away.......???!!! put it away?? But but but??? i put it away.. my hands trembled.. my knees felt weak... my stomach ached. That was it folks!

And so it is when Friday comes around.. my heart starts to pound... my palms get sweaty.. and i prepare / fantasize / calculate and prepare some more for the weekend ahead. It is absolutely NO good at all if there are two vanilla events on the same weekend. There just isn't enough time or energy left over for any decent play.

Sir wrote a lovely blog entry about the play on Friday night....... a tease i say.. a tease!! my body was ready.. my mind was ready.. i was hot and sweaty and all wet.......... and that was it.. an instant replay of New Year's Day...........

So today i decided that it was time for a subbie revolt of sorts.. a declaration .. "from now on, only ONE (1) vanilla event allowed per weekend." Do ya think it will work???

On a completely different note.. if anyone is interested.. i had my re-check of my re-check of my re-check today at the doctor's and she declared me 99% fit !!!! Yeahhhhhhhh no more yucky fungus growing inside my body........ no more meds.. yay.... i am finally cured.


  1. subbie Revolt??? I don't think so!!!

    Owner of morningstar

  2. Don't you think you should check with W. before you make such pronouncements? As lippy as you are getting there is no telling what will happen. It is conceivable you may find yourself engaged in vanilla pursuits on a daily basis for many days to come.

  3. OH MY GOD Buffalo........ bite Your tongue!!!!!!!!!!!

    unless of course You mean the next 4 days of work........ that is vanilla.. and that is on a daily basis.. (nodding furiously) yes sirrrreee.. that will be a total of 6 vanilla days........ and that is more than enough .. thank You VERY much!!!

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  4. No, I certainly didn't mean the next four days. It would seem to me that failing to check with the ultimate Authority before running your mouth by issuing decrees would result in dire consequences you wouldn't enjoy. Or was it just a matter of little girl pique and pleading?

  5. Anonymous7:29 pm

    hum...a very interesting post!

    First off I am thankful you are feeling better! :)

    Secondly....subbie revolt? Maybe if you had worded it "while servicing Master I will beg and plead to have only one vanilla event per weekend?" LOL

    but...what do I know. I am probably considered "Virgin Vanilla!" ;)

  6. melinda........

    LOL.. "virgin vanilla"?? i don't think so my dear.. not from your suggestion of servicing Master while i beg and plead.. LOL.. not by a long shot!!

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  7. Anonymous7:33 pm



  8. oh yeah... and Buffalo.... running my mouth off did get me .. ummm.. something.. i will post about it tomorrow.. (cheeky grin) i still haven't decided if it is a reward or a punishment.. LOL

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  9. Anonymous8:07 pm

    mmmmmm...maybe a bit of both no? ;)

  10. It has been so long since life has not been mostly vanilla, that I don't even know what it would look like if it weren't that way...

    it does suck but seems that is the way life is...


  11. Anonymous9:38 am

    I really understand the whole build up/let down phenomena. And honestly, it's an uncontrollable meltdown that follows (uncontrollable is my story and i'm sticking to it!).

    On a very serious note though, I find this to be a problem that I don't know how/seem to be unable to deal with. Do I try to avoid letting myself reach the build up? The excitement, the sweaty palms, the juicy nether regions, rapid heartbeat, butterflies, shakes, etc etc so that I then don't have the intense 'drop' that follows not getting what I expected?

    But if I did that, wouldn't that take away from it? And how do you not let yourself feel the build?

    Do you think the Men In Charge are fully aware of the psychological process that proceeds what we think is going to be an intense scene, and the subsequent 'crash' of not getting it? I do think it is uncontrollable. It's a drop in hormones, or something.. has to be.

    Or does this simply fall under the realm of getting what They give, dealing with what They aren't giving... and "uncontrollable" is a cop-out.. or topping from the bottom.. or something equally shameful to us poor, neglected submissives?

    I know you were being somewhat silly and I'm totally going off the charts here.. but it is a serious issue, don't you think?


    (This is my third attempt to post this. You honestly have the most difficult word verification letter combinations of anyone in blog land! Grrr!)

  12. Ooohhhh .... someone wants those heart clamps back on don't they?!
    Maybe the cat bell too?!


  13. kaya..... i don't have word verification on my blog....... so i don't know what you are referring to :( otherwise i would try and fix it.. i don't want you getting discouraged and stop commenting.....

    as for the rest of your comment - check today's post...

  14. Anonymous6:05 pm

    The word verification on your comments? That keeps the spammers out. Of course you have I have to type in the series of letters to leave a comment. But it won't stop me from commenting, ever. I'm a persistently stubborn woman, dontchaknow. :D



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