Sunday, March 11, 2007

all good things

We held a munch/play party here in the Great White North last evening... the turn out was much less than we anticipated (their loss) but still a lot of fun !!! We went to a new club (i wonder why it is now that BDSM clubs are calling themselves community centers? they sure don't resemble any community center i can ever remember)

This place was new.. brand spanking new.. sparkling clean - decorated by a female - no offense men but sometimes a woman's touch just makes it that much nicer. There were no black dungeon walls....... there were no rattling chains or scary dark corners..... There was a brightly light well equipped medical room. There was a nice small private room with a spanking bench and a book case full of videos for the choosing.... there was a smartly equipped walk through style kitchenette .. there was a lovely snuggle room cordoned off from the rest of the club by flowing gauzy white curtains.. dimly lit with everything needed to perform after care on a well used submissive.......... and then.. there was the BIG room. The BIG room was huge........... and not overly stuffed with play stations or furniture. There were more than enough chairs around the edges to allow everyone to sit and relax.. and there was a kneeling bench - the likes of which i have never seen before !! Sir put me on it.. i was leary - most kneeling benches hurt my knees and have me crying "Uncle" before the first strike .......... this one fit me like it was made for me.. there were no ridges cutting into my diaphragm .. the padded kneeling area was large and thickly padded.... the head rest was even comfy too.. though as Sir pointed out to me i tended to kneel straight up so much my head never had time to find a comfy spot....

Sir was in His glory.......... because of the sheer size of the room.. and the high ceilings He was able to use the gorean whip and the circus whip to their full advantage.

i have absolutely no idea how long i was up on the bench.. i do know a couple of times Sir stopped to ask if i had had enough.. i remember shaking my head NO NO NO.. this was what i had been waiting for for over a month of illnesses.. this felt amazingly perfect. Over and over and over the toys played their magic on my ass.. my thighs and sometimes my back ( i HATE my back being hit).... i remember Sir stopping at one point and poking rather roughly at first one spot and then another and saying "you will be bruised tomorrow!" and then it continued........... i remember thinking at one point - there is nothing else in the whole world i need or want......... i am who i am - a masochist !!

And i did get to curl up behind the sofy gauzy curtains snuggled in Sir's arms .. and i did get to watch as Sir bound up a newbie's breasts - so she could experience a rope bra.. i remember thinking i MUST be.. HAVE TO be.. better now....... cause i could never have taken this even a week ago...... i remember coming home feeling warm and fuzzy inside.. and sleeping with my fairies..........

and psssssssssssst.... this morning i have a sore ass ...marked and most definitely bruised !!!


and for those of you who read through all this gratuitous sex talk to see if there will be a train post..... (cheeky grin)

the campsite/nature walk is coming along........ and i finally struggled with my sunflower field and got them put together... and ready for placement........... BUt come tomorrow morning i am back to work so the aging process of the site.. and the fast water.. and all the other little touches have been put on the back burner...........


  1. There was gratuitous sex talk before the outstanding scenery shots?

  2. I'm glad you are better and envious of your new club...


  3. did an amazing job on the scenery!

    ~ glad you are feeling better ;)


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