Sunday, December 10, 2006

up and running...

Well more like limping along rather than up and running........ but after spending over 8 hours working on one of life's necessities - the computer - i do believe i have it working again...... And it amazes me.. after spending so much time backing everything up.. feeling so damn proud of myself for actually backing everything up.... when the pc WAS up and running again i discovered a whole mess of programs i had NOT backed up and all information was lost .. forever.. ughhhhhhhh ...

There are still a couple of things that need tweaking.. (or if necessary a good kick) but Sir will look at what's wrong with my internet connection set up.. i was just so damn glad i could connect that i decided to leave the small problems to Him in case i buggered it up and couldn't get back on.. (i do have my priorities straight!! an internet connection..any internet connection is better than no connection at all !!)

Kicking the computer is not just a saying.. not in my world.. at work one day my $1300 colour laser printer told me (yeah it is one smart printer - it has its own embedded computer and it talks to me too) told me that it had a paper jam.. i cleared the jam.. it still declared a jam.. i opened it.. i virtually disassembled the bloody thing and there wasn't even a hint of a paper scrap anywhere........ i closed it up.. turned it off.. called the help desk at main office.. and warned them NOT to coddle me that i had taken the damn thing apart and it still claimed paper jam!! Fortunately the guy on the other end of the phone didn't mess with me in my mood....... and after walking me through a couple of steps (i had already tried !!) i was so frustrated that i smacked the damn printer a good one with my hand.. and lo and behold the damn printer started printing out reams of paper !! We both had a good laugh and went merrily along our way........ (however i did make note of the fact that sometimes taking one's frustration out on a mechanical object by way of a good smack upside the head can and does work !)

OHHHHHH and mel thanks so much for rubbing my nose in the fact that apples never get viruses.. never get sick...... sighhhhhhhh and i thought The Michael was the only one who had one..........

Sooooo now my pc is ready for Christmas... and i can get down to the much more interesting fun of the Tree Decorating Party today.........


  1. Anonymous9:31 pm

    I really wasn't rubbing your nose in it, just letting you know that there was more of the small few of us that love our macs! -lol
    So, now I'll admit to you, I have been pulled, with heels dug in, mind you, into pc world. I do have one, and it's so different. I'm actually a little scared of the darn thing! First time it does anything pc-ish, I'm tempted to try your idea and "smack in upside it's head"!!!
    Good for you to have mostly fixed your pc! And it's a blessing that you have someone who can straighten out all the technical stuff! (They're so complicated!)

    (please post a pic of the finished tree!)

  2. mel: Sir gave me a gold star yesterday.. there wasn't anything wrong with the way i had it up and running.. i just got nervous cause somethings didn't look like before.. but everything was fine !! If i do this "reformat" stuff enough.. i might actully get good at it.. OH GOD now i have problaby jinxed myself!!!

  3. good to see you back! i agree with mel...would love to see your finished tree. i am not able to have one this year, so i want to see as many as i can!

    Take Care


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