Monday, November 14, 2016


I realized last night I went the entire weekend and didn't speak to anyone -- I mean use my voice -- unless you count talking to the cat.  (dear god am I becoming the crazy cat lady???!!)

It was a strange sort of introspective weekend.  My cancer re-test is coming up in about 10 days.  I am hoping/praying that it is negative..... that would make it one year cancer free.  I have never made it past 6 months -- so I am really praying.  One year cancer free would be something worth celebrating ya know?  

I was thinking about Christmas - and whether I should bother to pull out all the decorations.  I don't think I'll have a party this year....... so who would even see all the work??? And I am going to Montreal to be with the kids for a few days over the holidays.  BUT to not decorate??? Needless to say no decision was made this weekend.

I was missing Angel.  She and I used to spend so many of our weekends doing something..... even if it was only drinking coffee in my living room.  Our friendship just sort of dissolved....and I mourn the loss of yet another relationship that meant the world to me.

I did a lot of thinking about politics.  Seriously how could one not after Tuesday's election in the States.  I don't 'do' politics... mostly cause I am pretty jaded about the whole government thing.  I haven't said too much anywhere about the elections - mainly cause they weren't "our" elections and I don't think I should voice my opinion.  But I was thinking this weekend how politicians always lie to get the votes -- and seldom if ever follow through on their promises.  Trump certainly knew what part of the population in the States to talk/preach to didn't he??? Wouldn't it be interesting (for lack of a better word) if he is like all the politicians who went before him -- said what was needed to get the vote and it really doesn't mean a thing?  Only time will tell.

AND I thought as I sat alone and watched the semi-finals of the CFL (Canadian football) that I was very glad it was Sunday night and the weekend was almost over.  I have a few things on the agenda this week - lunch with friends - visit with my therapist - winter tuneup on the car......... and so the introspective weekend came to an end.


Michele d said...

The majority of us Americans did NOT vote for Trump and the country is still in shock. Watching him set up his administration putting ultra right-wingers, fellow philanderers and his own kids in charge has made clear just where things are headed. It's not a pretty picture.

morningstar said...

I totally understand Michele -- I'm not living with it -- which is why I am reluctant to talk about the election. Truthfully he scares me

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