Saturday, October 04, 2014

Whatcha Doing Tonight?

Tonight I will be watching Morpheous' Bondage Extravaganza.  

This is not your every day run of the mill TV show.  In fact it isn't on television - it will be live streaming on the computer.  

If you have ever had any interest in bondage - ever had any interest in sensual ropes - ever had any interest in art in motion then I suggest you tune your computers to 
Morpheous' Bondage Extravanza (click the link) tonite at 7pm.

You can invest as much or as little time as you wish - it runs from 7PM till 7AM - 12 straight hours of amazing ropes and models and riggers.

I would love to be there with my camera - who knows maybe one year 


sharon Charles said...

Morningstar, Thank you for this notice. Last year you posted this link and I watched off and on all night, it was fantastic. I plan to be watching again tonight. Thanks, Sharon

sharon Charles said...

Morningstar, I was up most of the night watching. It was great. I even watched some of the event in Florida. One year I would love to go to one of the location. Thanks again for posting the link.

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