Friday, February 07, 2014

Warning - Rant to follow

I had written a rather long post about the fools who inhabit the earth.  Then blogger - or my computer (probably more likely my computer) ate it up.  Trying to tell me something????

Ok so this rant just got a whole lot shorter and whole lot less diplomatic.

YOU - yes you - with your holier than thou attitude - your self proclaimed leadership and importance - I am sick to death of your back stabbing.............. of your publicly bad mouthing others on social media............ of your need to try and rule everyone - including myself ............  BACK THE FUCK OFF !!!

I am sick to death of the politically correct thinking of this lifestyle - "Your kink may not be my kink - but I'll support your right to practice it"   BULLSHIT !! there's a whole lot about this lifestyle I don't like - don't approve of - and have no intention of supporting.......... this lifestyle is not an excuse to do whatever socially inappropriate thing you want to do....................

I have had it with your gushing all over me (and others) then stabbing me (and others) in the back .  I have had it with your snide sarcastic comments directed at me or W.... HAD IT!!  do you hear me!!!

I am tired of being the quiet well behaved socially acceptable polite one sitting in the corner watching the nastiness/two faced behaviours going on around me............. HAD IT - up to here and higher.  I am done with it. 

So next time you write something on social media  - or say out loud publicly - which is nasty or mean spirited I am gonna  call you on it... trust me I am!!!  I can and I will.  

You have been warned.

(putting my soap box away  - and returning you all to your regularly scheduled program)




saffy said...

(leaves quietly , after dropping off a hug)

Ordalie said...

"next time you write something on social media..."
Could you be more specific? What social media? FetLife?

Anonymous said...

You go girl. I'm fed up with need to tiptoe around others who are doing plain wrong and not call them about it.



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