Friday, June 11, 2021

Surprise Treat


We've had an amazing 2 weeks with the lil one and home schooling - AND attitude! even the teacher has noticed how animated she has been.  I have my suspicions as to what brought on this change..... first I told her come hell or high water she's going back to school in September... and I told her that there was 3 weeks left of school... shrug... don't know what prompted this change - don't much care to be honest... it's just really good to have OUR lil one back!  

Sir Steve and I have been talking about how to acknowledge this positive change - and we decided that perhaps a trip to Dairy Queen after dinner would be fun!


Dairy Queen for those of you who may not know (not sure if it is a brand name known anywhere other than here in Canada/US)  is an ice cream shop.  Last June the lil one received a gift certificate for Dairy Queen as part of a reward for outstanding work from school.

SO last night after dinner Sir Steve asked if she would like to take a trip to Dairy Queen for dessert.  Of course he didn't have to ask twice!  Excitement ruled the day!  (He did make a point of saying we were going cause she had been working hard and not giving anyone attitude) 

She proudly brought her gift certificate and with her dad's help decided on a small ice cream cone.  THEN the chap behind the counter asked if she wanted a "DIP" she looked like a deer caught in the headlights!  and said "no".  I was shocked..... no chocolate dip??  I thought all kids loved chocolate dip!  Then he listed the flavours of dip - chocolate ... blah blah... blah blah.... candy cotton!  I stopped him there - cause ya know it's candy cotton!!  The lil one still looked overwhelmed.  I suggested she take a candy cotton dipped cone - and promised her she wouldn't be disappointed.  While her cone was being made she presented her gift certificate - AND surprise surprise!  it came back with enough money still on it for another cone!!  Excitement reigned!

This is exactly what it looked like.......................


Personally I'm not sure I would be tempted by a BLUE ice cream cone - but hey I'm not 8 anymore! 

We sat outside by ourselves and enjoyed our ice cream - and announced it really truly was summer now! 


  1. This made me smile Morningstar. Glad you have your lil one back. Hopefully being rewarded for school work and good behaviour will encourage her to continue the trend.

    I think I had heard of Dairy Queen but we don't have it here. It's funny, I have always known candy cotton as candy floss lol. Interesting for an ice cream dip. I would totally have picked chocolate lol.


    1. I forgot to say in the post - the lil one had never been to Dairy Queen before - at least not where she was given choices... so she didn't know what dip was.. LOL...
      nodding I call it candy floss too but the kids call it candy cotton now...

  2. We have Dairy Queen here and I love it, although I haven't been lately. Your evening out sounds lovely and it was definitely for a good reason. Here's to long summers and safe face to face school next year!

    1. ohhhhhhhhhh here's to back to school in September... trust me my mood has improved at the thought of 3 weeks left and no more home schooling!!!

  3. That ice cream looked like an edible smurf :) I would try it just because of that, but we don't have Dairy Queens here


  4. Nice story. However, if the shop in question was across the border in the US, and you asked for Candy Cotton, the person behind the counter would probably look at you funny. Here we call it Cotton Candy.

  5. I'm actually very interested in that blue ice cream cone! Only cos it's not a "common" colour/flavour.


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