Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Google is my Friend

Four years ago Sir Steve told me he goes camping every summer......that nearly ended our relationship before it even got started.  BUT then he showed me the RV - complete with heat and air conditioning and a full kitchen and a full bathroom... big comfy bed........ TV ......... ok stop!  that is not my definition of camping - that's cottage life!!  I was IN!


owning an RV does come with it's problems... pretty much like owning any home.  Last summer our hot water heater had to be replaced........ AND.... our air conditioning unit leaked into the kitchen.  BUT we have a 'guy' to fix all those problems.  


This past weekend wasn't the best weather wise...... lots of showers... and hot and muggy.   Saturday night after sitting under an umbrella 'cause of misty rain at the campfire....... we toddled off to bed.  We put the ac on 'cause muggy humid weather ya know?  Two hours later Sir Steve was up cursing and mopping up water and grabbing a bucket to catch the stream of water coming from the air conditioning unit (which is set into the ceiling of the kitchen)

I lay in bed afterwards stressing........ 'I thought it was fixed' 'Why the hell do we have a repair guy ?' and yes I have to admit I thought ' stupid men!'

Sunday morning had me on google with my first cup of coffee........ typed in
"RV air conditioner leaking"
and up came pages and pages...... clicked one and lo and behold it was easy peasy to follow - 1) is it leaking when it rains - click here
2) is it leaking when it runs - click here.  clicked #2 and got this wonderful page of instructions with pictures!!  It said that it was probably blocked drainage holes and / or a gasket that needed to be replaced.

When Sir Steve got up - I told him what I had found.  I pointed out that trying to fix the damn thing from the kitchen wasn't working....... and I didn't care what the RV guy said (he's actually very good so we're not looking for a new RV guy) I convinced Sir Steve to climb up on top of the RV and take the assembly apart and check this gasket.  Turns out the gasket had been screwed down TIGHT - and had flattened the damn thing out.  Now the water had nowhere to go but down the unit into our kitchen!!!

On Monday Sir Steve ordered a new gasket $28 and it'll be here Thursday!  Sir Steve googled how to fix said gasket and watched a couple of videos ..... he figures it won't be that difficult to change and should be done in about an hour.
Fingers crossed by lunch on Saturday we should have air conditioning in the RV again!

I LOVE Google - is there anything not on Google??


  1. I shudder to think of a day this time of year without our A/C. Humidity is attacking with a vengeance here. How did we ever get through school, and the rest of life without Google?

    1. like I said 'google is my friend' I was just looking up recipes for potatoe salad - cause I did cook last night and we all nearly died... don't have ac in the city house ......... and the lil one will say to me " let's look in google S" - grinning
      I can manage without AC but not without Google!

  2. Grin! Google is awesome that way. Ironically, I just fixed the AC in our car this weekend (7 year old car generally means crappy AC). This is the second summer I did a "quick fix" for the AC. Works for the summer, so life is good.


    1. ahhhhhhhhh but the question is Boo -- did you google how to fix it???
      YOU fixed the ac??? (cheeky grin) when I grow up I want to be just like you.

    2. Of course I googled it! Chris Fix car repair on You Tube.

      And yes, as I was told growing up, I can't break something more if it is already broken. Take it apart, try and fix it. so I did.

  3. YouTube is my first resort for life hacks and fixes. The internet makes this stuff so easy. Remember way back when and the only option was to hope that the local library had a book on what you needed


    1. oh yessssssss - now I only get reading books from the library :) For me most times if something was broke - it meant calling a repair guy and that got pricey!!

  4. Hi Morningstar, how frustrating and stressful, argh! Hooray for both Google and YouTube. I do wonder how we survived without them lol


  5. Yup, Google knows everything. I found out how to remove the plug in our new bathroom sink to clean the drain by Googling then watching YouTube videos.



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