Friday, June 25, 2021

It's Over!!!



Today is the last day of school here....... after 14 months of home schooling it's over!! The lil one got permission from the teacher to organise an end of year party.  Believe it or not - she wrote a proposal and presented it to the teacher 2 weeks ago.  It was in point form! and clearly identified what everyone should/could do....... the kids were to dress in nice clothes..... find a special snack like popcorn or chips or something good - the teacher was to find a movie and music AND the lil one's job was to make sure everyone had a good time.  (small smile) I honestly think she's been around me too long.

Yesterday her report card came home........ and she aced it!!  All her marks either stayed the same or went up.  The only glitch was her french - it went down.  For the record mother - who is bilingual - was supposed to be helping her with her french.  This morning I did some research and found an app that I'll be downloading to her tablet ... a fun app full of games to teach beginner's french.  The lil one is barely working at grade level - she's gonna struggle next year.  Someone has to help her ya know? and I AM the wicked stepmother... shrug. 

We celebrated the end of the year last night with take away supper....... I printed a certificate that said "(name) survived 14 months of home schooling"........ and we gave her the Harry Potter lego......... 


Today is the last day of Sir Steve working from home....... he 'graduated' too..... (grinning)


come September she's back on the school bus and back in class!!

Now we're doing the happy dance ........... 



  1. Woohoo, congratulations to all of you for surviving home schooling! Well done to lil one on her grades and the end of year celebration proposal. I love that you had your own celebration. Sounds like a wonderful end to the school year all round.


  2. Wow! I know you guys are proud of her. I hope she is proud of herself. Sounds like she finally got on top of things, thanks to you. Whether you were the good witch or the bad witch at times, it seems to have worked. Here's to a long restful summer and then for you, a long restful school year!

  3. Morningstar,

    Isn't it exciting? I was so happy when our little one said she wanted to go back (sort of) but then our board said it was switching ALL high schools to a 10 to 4 schedule. Now, I don't know if I want her to go to bricks and mortar school for the final year. We can decide to switch in August if we want to. She wouldn't get home until 5 or later. Sigh. Dumb idea in my books.

    But oh the SUMMER is here!!!! One more day for me on Monday and then we are done. Everyone will be double vaxxed by mid July and I think I will be able to breath again.

    I hope the summer is restorative for both of you.


  4. Morningstar,

    I know you won't get this till you get back (my thoughts and prayers are with you both this week) but I've had a LOT of success with Duolingo in French. I really struggled with it at school - at 13, when we decided what subjects we'd carry forward to exam and which we could drop, the French teacher advised me to drop French "for both our sanity". However, I've been doing Duolingo now for several years, just five minutes or so a day (the 'day job' took up too much time before - I know you'll know what I mean by that!) and I'm quite proficient these days, in reading and writing in French at least (my pronunciation is still a bit of a bugbear). To the point where Master showed me an instagram story about a french forestry company starting to cut down the oak to replace the roof at Notre Dame and I managed to follow most of it. :) Def recommended. Good luck with it!


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