Thursday, June 24, 2021



We leave Saturday morning for a 7 hour drive to Sir Steve's parent's home.  I have been making lists galore in my head - so many things to pack - to buy - to organise.  Because Steven's stepmom's daughter wants to visit with us while we're there - I suggested dinner on Sunday AND I would make Indian food for the occasion.

Now in my world - that means dessert too..... and enough main course to feed an army.  The menu is - butter chicken - curried sausages (bought from our local shop - they make THE best curried sausages) - pakoras - naan and basmati rice.  For dessert I have made a pan of chocolate chunk brownies and am going to make 5 dozen peanut butter cookies.

Besides that - I promised the lil one an end of year celebration...... that's tonite.  I bought her the new lego Harry Potter set. 

The best thing about this set - all the pieces store inside and when it closes it looks just like a book!  I also printed up a 'certificate' saying she survived 14 months of home schooling (hoping to get a little laugh out of her) 

I'm also trying to get all the laundry caught up - so we can take all our summer clothes up to the country tomorrow night  -- and all the staples from the pantry....... cause when we get back next week - we will be moving to the country for the summer.  OH and I have to pack up all the lil one's summer clothes and toys.

I am trying to take most of the organizing/planning/worry off Sir Steve's shoulders.  He has quite enough on his plate........ but it's tiring ya know? I stress I will forget something or screw something up.  The week we get back  - I get my second vaccination AND 2 days after that I have my cancer screening.  It's a stressful time............ lists galore - and this too shall pass - right?


  1. Yes it will pass and I know you would love to have it all behind you. Is the lil one going to Sir Steve's parents with you? I'll be thinking good thoughts for you, and wishing I could be invited for dinner, while you're gone. I hope you'll soon be relaxing in the country.

    1. no not this time PK - she's off to her mother's for the first week of the summer routine. She comes back next Friday for her week with us...

      I'm thinking I'll finally be able to relax and recharge sometime in August ya know?

  2. Sigh, it just seems that it takes longer for the stressful times to pass, but yes, it will end. Everything will be the same but so very different. Like a string has been cut.

    I hope the time goes well and is easy.


  3. It looks like a lot on your plate right now, but yes, in a couple of months you will look back on it and know you survived, heck, rocked it! Good luck with the drive and all that planning.

  4. Hi Morningstar, you have a lot on your plate at the moment and it's a difficult time. It shall pass as you say. I hope the visit goes well and that you can soon look forward to relaxing in the country. The dinner sounds amazing and I love the lego set is awesome.

    Thinking of you all.


  5. I feel for you - it sounds like a really tough time for you both. May I make a suggestion? You said you're making lists galore in your head. Why don't you dump it all out onto some paper? You can then sort it out - either by topic or by when something has to be done and then you won't have to worry that you've forgotten something.

    *huggsss* - you can do this!! xxx

    1. keth - thanks for the suggestion .. when I say lists in my head it's really just an expression..I almost always put those lists on paper - post it notes around the house LOL colour coded even
      I LOVE lists - they comfort me


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