Monday, September 11, 2017

My Two Worlds

Saturday was the BIG 5th birthday -- Unicorn theme.  The lil one was over at her mom's until 1:00 which gave me time to get the party all organised.. from the unicorn poop table  (and yes Hermione it was jelly beans spooned into lil jars labelled 'unicorn poop' which the kids thought was grossly fun!!)

to the unicorn cookie decorating table

the loot bag/gift table 

and the grande finale of the Unicorn Pinata.

Twice  during the party the lil one ran over and hugged me - exclaiming "Thank you I am having so much fun!!" (which made it so worthwhile)

All the kids had fun - laughing and playing the games and eating the cake.  
That's my one World.


My other World was nasty vindictive comments - first on facebook about how mean we were to NOT invite the mother and grandparents when they had nothing planned for the birthday.... (and this is my problem how??)


the morning of the party the lil one bounced out of bed all excited for her party and the grandmother actually threw a bucket of cold bucket on her excitement by saying that it wasn't even her birthday!!!   

And then a post on Facebook announcing to everyone how difficult it was to explain to a very sad 5 year old why grandma and grandpa and mommy weren't allowed to go to her birthday!!! 

This was definitely a new low in vindictive behaviours -- raining on the child's special day??!!  Who does that??!!  I equate it with a child waking up all excited on Christmas morning and someone telling them there is NO Santa....... who does that??!!!

The Facebook comments have been printed up and will go to court with us on Thursday.  4 more days and the tension will (hopefully) be resolved once and for all.
OH I don't expect it will improve their behaviours -- but at least we (ME) won't have to walk on egg shells for fear of giving them ammunition to use in court.  These people are BULLIES and really and truly need to be put in their place.  I am hoping the court will do that on Thursday.... I really am hoping!!

Sir Steve and I carved out some time on Saturday night for us -- but more about that tomorrow .............. 


  1. Thank you for posting all those pictures. What a great hostess you are! Lil one doesn't seem to be affected by the nasty comments. She was obviously delighted with her wonderful party.

    Hope all goes well in court. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and Sir S.


  2. Sounds like you gave her a wonderful party. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I love the cake.

    I'm with Hermione, hope all goes well for you and Sir S.



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