Friday, September 29, 2017

"The Sun will come out tomorrow............ "

Yesterday was a real yucky day -- and it got worse when I went to the gym.  I didn't have a good work out -- when I got on the tummy machine (as I call it) I couldn't budge it -- not one inch.  It upset me -- stressed me out -- by the time I got to the treadmill (last 15/20 minutes of gym time) I could barely walk at my usual speed... my body hurt... my head hurt... I couldn't focus.  When I left the gym I could have cried -- I saw it as a complete failure on my part -- a total waste of time.  The fact that my body was still hurting from Monday's work out didn't count in my head.  I had failed! pointe finale.

I had a long hot bath last night.  I relaxed and talked some sense to myself - and slapped myself up the backside of the head.  It was ONE off day -- I had no intentions of quitting -- so smarten up (sort of talk)

And then things started to turn around....... 
Sir Steve got his ex to pick up the lil one from school on Friday (today) so 1) he doesn't have to drive and 2) we can go back to the gym together tonite

Then Sir Steve said on Saturday we will work together to clean out the back shed -- organise his tools and move all the bloody boxes and furniture into the shed.  First Plus -- the boxes and furniture will be out of the house .. Second Plus --  when the ex finally does decide to come pick up she won't have to set foot in the house.  YAY!

This morning my heart feels lighter -- the stress levels seem lower -- I am actually looking forward to going to the gym with Sir Steve tonite.  It'll be fun again -- it'll be a challenge and I will do it !! 

AND best of all -- we have the whole weekend to ourselves -- and that is a very good thing!


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