Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Sir Steve's cock is broken -- well not broken more out of commission

If I didn't hear the story first hand -- and see the damage -- honestly I don't think I would have believed it........ 


here's what happened...... 

Sir Steve has been working in an empty house renovating it to get it ready for rental.  Monday Sir Steve answered a 'call of nature'.  He said he noticed the water in the toilet was blue......... and when he had finished he noticed some of the blue water must have splashed up on his cock.  He didn't think anything of it.  BUT yesterday he told me he thought he had a chemical burn on his cock.

At the time of telling me this story he just happened to be naked.  I took a look.  And sure enough there was this red spot on his cock.  I asked him if it hurt.  He said he hadn't poked it ( I pointed out he loved poking at my ouchies -- but that's a completely different thing apparently)

So being me -- I leaned down and ran my tongue over the red spot and asked (quite angelically) if it hurt.  He seemed a little preoccupied so I decided a further test was needed and took his cock in my mouth.  At first there was this low growly moan he does .......... and then he 
yelped !!!  

So............ his cock is definitely out of commission for the time being...... I wonder if he could get workman's comp........... maybe??!!! (cheeky grin)

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  1. I am not male but that is always one of my fears using a toliet that has blue water is the splash ! Hope he gets better quickly.


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