Monday, September 18, 2017

Wonderful Memories

We had an amazing weekend!

Mother Nature gave us a summer hot weekend -- and the calendar gave us an almost empty campground.  

My eldest daughter and her partner took possession of their trailer on Friday which is across the road from us.  We had a great visit all weekend and the dogs made friends with Sir Steve's dog and played nicely.

The nights though -- they were the best.  The Sadist came to camp this weekend and I have the bruises to prove it.  Each morning my body would ache and I glowed.  I would stroke the bruises lovingly.

I wanted / had asked Sir Steve if we might light a 'wish' lantern and send it off into the universe on our last weekend.  He bought two -- one red and one blue.
On Saturday night -- just before we went into our trailer -- we lit our lanterns and sent them heaven ward with a "happy ever after wish"......

Life is good when you are making memories with the love of your life........ 

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