Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Building and building.....

I am sure you are all a little tired of hearing about Sir Steve's ex's and their petty vindictiveness ......... but this is my safe place to spew out my hurt ... my confusion.... and my anger.

The latest chapter in butt hurt  attempts at public humiliation happened this weekend.

The lil one's birthday is next Sunday.  (remember the mother has visitation on weekends).  Sir Steve and I talked about this birthday -- and I said that seeing as she will get gifts from everyone (gifts upon gifts) that I would like to give her a kid's party as my gift.

We talked to the lil one and she was very excited and asked if she could have a "Unicorn Party" ....... absolutely!  So I started to plan a Unicorn party for her and 4 of her lil friends -- at the trailer next Saturday.  Sir Steve and I decided to have it on a Saturday so the ex's could have her on her actual birthday and not get too bent out of shape.

Well !!!  Mother threw a hissy fit when she was told that it was for kids only and no she wasn't invited.  After all she had her on the actual day!  The Grandfather came storming over to have it explained to him that they (the grandparents and mother were not invited to the kids party) The grandmother took it to facebook accusing us of assuming they had plans for the child's birthday when they didn't and were now not allowing them to join US for her party.

W T F 

First -- how can you not plan some sort of celebration for your -- Y O U R - child's 5th birthday??!!

Second -- after being hurtful and vindictive towards us all summer and spreading gossip about us -- and doing everything in your power to poison the child against us -- WHY would they think they would be invited??!  This takes crazy to a special level in my books.

I am not equipped to deal with this level of 'crazy'


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  1. Hope you can sort out all this mess and lil ones birthday goes well. Good luck.
    Hugs Lindy


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