Friday, September 08, 2017

Almost Party Time

This morning has been busy baking unicorn cookies - for the cookie decorating game.  

The party dress is picked out and ready to be packed.

The Unicorn pinata is stuffed and packed.
The prizes for the treasure hunt are labelled and packed
The Unicorn "poop" bottles are labelled and ready for filling by the kidlets
The Balloons are packed 
The party napkins and plates and paper cups are packed (just realized as I typed that - that we don't need cups as we have juice boxes -- le sigh!)

I want the lil one to have the BEST 5th birthday party possible....... 

My eldest daughter said this week -- 'you'll rock this party Mom"... and she should know -- she had plenty of themed birthday parties.  It makes me smile to remember the first pinata I made that was SO well made my then husband had to use a hammer to break it open -- there were so many different themed parties -- from International Day - to Medieval Days - to Strawberry Shortcake....... yeah I do kids' parties and do 'em well...... (if I do say so myself!)  

I was brought up to believe that your birthday is the most special day of the year (for you) it is YOUR day!!  I am hoping to pass on that belief one more time -- to one more child....... create good memories for one more child.

I have always said (through 20+ years of teaching) 'kids are special people' 
All children have the right to be respected
the right to dream
the right to be loved and cared for 
the right to be encouraged and to achieve their full potential
the right to unconditional love. 



  1. Can I come - I love unicorns!!

  2. It sounds like SO much fun! I want to come too!

    I had never heard of, or been to, a themed party as a child. I guess they came along after my time. I would have wanted a pony party.

    Please tell me what unicorn poop is. I have seen moose poop (chocolate candy) sold in stores, and I am guessing that unicorn poop is multi-coloured.



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