Thursday, September 28, 2017

Still Pissy.......

Soooooooo I went to the gym yesterday -- by myself -- and worked my ass off.  Then I went and had my hair cut -- and had one blue hair extension added.  I have always wanted a blue streak in my hair -- or a red one -- even toyed with purple.  BUT I didn't want to dye it -- cause what if I really hated it?? The hairdresser had coloured hair extensions -- so I opted for that.... mainly cause if I hated it I could take it out immediately.  

I HATE it.  

And can't figure out how to take it out.  Maybe Sir Steve will be able to get it out tonite.  Maybe I haven't given it time enough to get used to it??? BUT all I know is I thought a blue streak in my hair might improve my mood.  

It didn't.

I was gung ho this morning to bake more cookies -- there is a cookie monster in this house and cookies never last long.  Was gonna bake peanut butter cookies ..........

Was gonna organise and really clean the living room -- in hopes that I could bring a couple of my plants here...... in hopes that I could bring a couple of my things here -- make it feel like my home too 

BUT haven't started any of those jobs........ not one.

This mood HAS to lift soon........ I'm tired of it

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