Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Pissy Mood

(side note before I start -- the above meme made me smile -- cause last week I was reaching for my morning pills -- wasn't paying attention -- and landed up taking my sleeping pills -- it was a lazy assed day believe me!!)

There have been a few things rumbling around in the back of my head -- irritating things... like finger nails down a blackboard.  Ignore them (or try to) and they become a whole lot more irritating....... to the point of imploding.

So to avoid imploding -- I am gonna rant away here...... and hope I can reduce the imminent threat of implosion.

So ---- two weeks ago we went to court over custody of the lil one.  At the time Sir Steve put in a request with the courts that the 'mother' finally move all her crap out of his house.  (30+boxes and large pieces of furniture) The court granted her 10 days to get a storage unit (or whatever!) and move it out.  The other night Sir Steve was asking her about this weekend on Facebook and asked when she would be moving her crap out (not his words mine) AND she said "ohhhhhhhh maybe mid October"..... 
M A Y B E mid October???!!!   This woman doesn't think she has to abide by a court order -- she thinks the whole f'ing world has to cater to her schedules -- her needs - her desires.

WELL the truth of the matter is I am sick to death of squeezing past 30+ boxes in the hallway -- and moving an empty china cabinet every time I want to plug the vacuum in.  I am tired of cleaning and tidying the house and the only thing anyone really sees is M E S S !!  I am SO done!!  AND Sir Steve would like to have Thanksgiving here (which is in two weeks!!)  and I am realizing I can not -- WILL NOT -- entertain a house full of guests and some weekend visitors -- in THIS MESS!

AND while I am on the topic of court orders and the ex's ......... it is clearly stipulated in the temporary agreement -- that the transporting of the lil one to and from the mother's residence is to be shared.  BUT Sir Steve has been driving and picking up every weekend -- EVERY WEEKEND! - for a year and a half.  Mostly I haven't cared -- his problem right?  Yeah well this week Sir Steve and I joined a gym.  It has been 5 months since I set foot in a gym and my weight and body shape shows it -- and I hate IT!  He and I agreed that we'd go together after he finishes work - Mon and Tuesday and Thursday and Friday.  I pointed out to him that we couldn't do the gym together on Friday cause he has to drive the lil one.  His answer was we could go to the gym on Saturday.  

I stewed -- and fussed -- and nearly imploded.  WHY do I have to change my gym routine because SHE won't follow the court order?? WHY can't she pick up on Fridays and let us go to the gym??!!! 

On an entirely different aggravation -- W (my ex 'dom' - for those who may not know) has been posting on FB -- again -- about his great desire to be in the RCMP.  I have mostly ignored his ramblings (much like I ignored his ramblings about suicide as simply attention seeking behaviours) BUT now he has posted a pic of himself -- his profile pic I might add -- in the RCMP red flannel.  He is not an RCMP officer.  Hell he hasn't even been to basic training (though he's going on and on about going -- and making such a nonsense about it to garner attention ) 

At first when I saw the pic -- it looks very official -- I thought 'hell he's actually done it!!  he has actually passed boot camp - the physicals -- the pysch evaluations - and is a member of the RCMP!!"  BUT there was something about the pic that looked too familiar.  It rolled around and around in my head until I realized what it was........ the background is the cupboard doors in the master bedroom of his house -- and it's a selfie for god's sakes!!  Oh and all his friends and supporters are fluttering around getting all excited.  What I want to know is - isn't it against the law to impersonate a police officer -- never mind an RCMP officer!!??  

For 4 years I lived a pretty solitary life in my lil apartment -- and managed to keep people more or less out of my life.  I didn't read the news headlines -- I didn't use facebook much -- a hermit -- that's it I was almost a hermit.  AND my life was so much calmer then -- I kept pretty high walls around me -- it was safe  and no one aggravated me very much............. now?? not so much.  

I am thinking I need a whole new set of 'happy pills' ....... and I need to get to the gym (today's my day alone at the gym) and work off this pissy mood.


  1. Hi morningstar,

    I'm a little late in commenting, but something struck me last night, (No, not Ron - LOL!) Isn't W a bit old to be joining the RCMP? I realize there is no upper age limit, but still...


  2. Apparently there is no upper age limit for joining - but considering his health - heart condition and diabetes -- and his threats of suicide I can't see him as a candidate ....... and it is a dishonour (his wearing the dress uniform) to all the men and women who are 'real' RCMP officers


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