Monday, September 04, 2017

Getting Real

We came back to the city Saturday night after a wonderful visit/day with Angelsquest.  It was so good to see her again !!  felt like old times -- only happier.

I was jumpy -- skin electrified -- knowing a beating was going to happen -- wanting it NOW - knowing not to ask - on edge waiting for the moment............ 

Suddenly with no warning Sir Steve took both my hands and led me into the bedroom.  I was a little jittery 'cause he's never been so 'formal' (for lack of a better word) and he had me stand stock still while he stripped me naked.  I felt shy... and vulnerable and he laughed and said "I have seen you naked hundreds of times before" ..... but he had never stripped me before -- never watched so intently as each piece of clothing came off before!

And then he told me to lie on the bed....... and he started playfully hitting my breasts and belly with a paddle.  The mood changed.  He walked away from me and put on his cover (leather cap)...... my heart pounded.  This was the Sadist I played with 10 years ago.  This was the Sadist who had strict rules and no mercy.  The play continued briefly until he said "You are watching me" and he stopped and pulled out a make shift blind fold and tied it over my eyes.  

Now with my world plunged into darkness the strike of the flogger or the cut of the knife became so much more intensified.  Behind the blindfold - in my mind's eye - I could see him with his cover pulled down almost covering his eyes -- imagine the intensity of those eyes as he selected the next toy -- as he watched it hit my body and my body's reaction.  The relentless hit hit hit of the flogger across my breasts, down my body, hitting my pussy hard and fast till I was arching off the bed.  

He used the crops as canes and raised welts -- hitting the side of my hip till I rolled over (assuming that is what he wanted) -- felt the crop's stinging bite as it raised red welts across my ass.

And finally -- much later -- felt his hands stroking my back -- bringing me back to the bedroom and his bed...... his hands gently removing the blindfold... seeing his cover resting on his knee... seeing the half smile he gets when he has enjoyed himself -- when he sees the blurry dopey look on my face.... feeling his hands gently touching/tracing the bruising on my hips... hearing him say "you'll have some nice marks there tomorrow"

and I whispered 'I want you to fuck me' and he said "tomorrow" and pulled me tight into his body and I slept.

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