Monday, October 19, 2015

Today has FINALLY arrived

Today is Election day here in Canada - FINALLY!

I am fed up with suffering through the attack ads (though I have to admit some of them amused me) .... and fed up with the promises (that we all KNOW they won't be able to / or be bothered to keep)

BUT most of all I am tired of folks getting all worked up over this election - pushing folks to go out and vote.  It seems to be the chatter every where I look - and facebook is probably the worst. 

I read an editorial that rocked the proverbial boat the other day.  I kept my tongue between my teeth because I am sure my approval of it would have shocked/angered/pissed off so many good folks.  Basically all it said was "you have the right to vote.............AND you have the right to NOT vote".  

We keep hearing about how we should vote because so many people in the world would love that right and don't have it.  Reminds me a lot of the mother saying "eat your dinner there are children starving in China"........  It is a shame some people don't have the right to vote - I agree.  BUT we do have the democratic right to vote - OR not to vote.

People get bent out of shape when folks share that they "spoiled their ballot" ... shrug.. I don't understand why you would waste the energy to go to a poll stand in line  and then spoil your ballot - but HEY!  it's your choice........ 

I admire the folks (especially the young ones) who are trying to understand where each party stands.....not an easy task!  but hey they are trying.... 

Being old enough to vote used to be a passage - a rite of adulthood.  I remember the first time I voted -- it felt like I had some how or other "made it".  Now after many years of election campaigns and elections I am a little more jaded.  I wonder if there is an honest politician........ I think they start off with the best of intentions ........ and then something happens to them between the polling station and the government buildings.

I never quite worked out what it is...... but the truth of the matter is - no matter what promises they make to get elected - the chances are they aren't gonna keep them.

But I will go out this morning and I will vote.  and no I won't spoil my ballot.  I will do it because it has been instilled in me that it is my right to vote - and in my humble opinion rights are more important than duty.

I won't watch the election returns tonite run on ad nauseum till the wee hours of the morning.. I honestly don't much care who wins.  Because as I said at the beginning - they all make wonderful promises and have such high ideals - until they reach the government buildings.

Tomorrow the sun will rise - and the days will run on - and the country will continue - maybe a bit bumpier than before - maybe less bumpy - but it will continue - and in four years we will do all this again........ 

Wash Rinse Repeat......... trust me when I say - after almost 12 elections I know the routine and the basic generic outcome 

Happy Election Day Canada!

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