Saturday, October 24, 2015

Thoughts on Sex

I was thinking yesterday - as I do from time to time - how long it has been since I had sex - And I was running some scenarios through my head.......... mainly finding a "fuck buddy".

Now this is not a new thought for me - fuck buddy that is.

But I have read all the studies that say for most women "fuck buddy" is not as easy as it is for a male.  Woman - they claim - become emotionally invested in someone who has sex with them - well more emotionally bonded than men do.  

And I know myself - I fear I would become uncomfortably emotionally invested in someone who is only supposed to fuck me - not wine and dine me.

And then my mind wandered (as it frequently does) to the thought - WELL - if we women become emotionally attached/bonded/whatever to whomever we fuck - then why in god's name am I not more emotionally involved in myself??!!!  

Someone's theory is flawed............... 

Probably mine.


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