Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I was sitting outside on my balcony - having my morning coffee and a smoke.  It was quiet.  Miss Ashes was surveying her domain......... 

And then I heard a BANG!  

And right in front of me a tiny bird fell to the ground.  I realized it must have hit a window on one of the floors above me - hit it hard - BANG hard!

It sat on the ground looking stunned - Missy thought she should go and investigate (I held her back)

Then it just sorta slide down - till it's little head was resting on the ground and it's tail feathers were stuck up in the air.  It didn't move.

We came in.

I kept thinking "it's just like me - I keep banging my head against the wall - when am I gonna learn???"

Not a particularly good way to start my day........... 


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