Monday, October 05, 2015

Sunday's Great Adventure.

 Sunday morning I awoke to sunshine and almost no wind.   The wind has been howling around here for the last few days like some monster awakened early from his nap.  Even Miss ashes had decided the better part of valour was to stay indoors -- just in case -- better safe than sorry right??!!

I googled small towns -- ran my finger down the list -- hit one that showed promise -- packed up my camera gear and headed out.  

OH wait -- before I headed out I posted a cheeky status update on Facebook saying I was off on a big adventure - and IF I wasn't back in 12 hours send out the search parties. (and thought nothing more of it)

Now I do enjoy a nice drive in the country - on a nice sunny cool day.  BUT honestly this drive I took was a bit tiresome.  My GPS said turn left in 400 meters then immediately turn right....... I go on for a bit and then it would say in 300 meters turn right and then a sharp left.  All the while I am driving down country roads between farms.  ARE they serious??!!  No direct route to this lil town of Bloomfield??? 

It took me just over an hour to zig zag my way into Bloomfield.  I am thinking if you look up "small town" in the dictionary you might just see a picture of Bloomfield.  I wondered how this town survives - I didn't even see a grocery store!!  There were lots of little (and I do mean LITTLE) gift shops offering various gifts...... and even saw a sisal rug I toyed with purchasing for my front entrance way.  BUT I figured all my ropey friends would be fighting over who got to stand on it - wrap themselves in it - and have multiple orgasms (cheeky grin).  Besides they didn't have a pattern that appealed to me.

I found the ice cream shop - way too cold for ice cream (in my opinion) .. lots of B & B's and art galleries. I took pictures galore ......... and actually found my "arty farty" side that has laid dormant for all these many months!!

Before I share with you some of the pictures I took -- I have to tell you the end of my tale.....

While I was having a late lunch - I received an urgent phone message from a friend - that went something like this " I know you are on an adventure - but please call me or text me and use the nickname I have for mini me - so that I know you are ok!!!"  I had a good giggle.  I texted her back saying "my great adventure" involved driving back country roads with my camera -- NOT some stranger with whips and chains and floggers - oh my!!"

Now finally - here are some of the pictures I took on my great adventure...............

 this is NOT an actual quilt - but a sculpture at the edge of town....... 

This was a picture of main street

This was the ice cream shop 

This  -- believe it or not -- was an art gallery

Can you imagine trying to wade through THAT??

BUT this art gallery had stone sculptures from Zimbabwe around the yard that I loved!!

There was more to my trip to Bloomfield - the main deciding factor - but I will save that for tomorrow............I have bored you all enough for today :)


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  1. looks like a nice adventure!! Another lovely town for you to explore- lots of history, beautiful stone buildings, not a lot of shopping but a great local restaurant called Bobilee is Brockville.


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