Monday, October 26, 2015

Special Weekend

This past weekend was my birthday.  The build up to it was a bit sad - I wondered what I would do to acknowledge this milestone in my life (and trust me this birthday was a milestone!)

My youngest daughter called me a week before and asked if I would like to go and see the ballet "Kaguyahime" at Place des Arts (in Montreal).  I was tickled and said yes what an exciting way to celebrate my birthday.  So I drove to Montreal on Saturday and spent the weekend.

Kaguyahime is not traditional ballet - in any way shape or form.  It is a traditional Japanese folk tale about the moon princess who comes to earth and is born out of the bamboo........ there are many suitors for this beautiful princeess - challenges for the suitors to complete - fighting and war for the princess's hand - an Emperor who tries to capture her - but it ends happily with Kaguyahime returning to the moon.

It was the most amazing ballet I think I have ever seen!!  It was (if you can picture this - very Zen like)  no sets to speak of - the stage and dancers were all black and white - it flowed from one scene to the next - it took my breath away.

There were no cameras allowed but I did find some pictures on line that give you just a little taste of the beauty of the show......................

 Opening scene Kaguyahime appearing in the moon above the bamboo fields.........

Kaguyahime slowly moving down to the bamboo.............. 

During the war - the Japanese drummers created the mood......... it was truly heart pounding.......

This is from the scene with the Emperor - created with miles of gold coloured fabric.... absolutely breath taking !!

When the show ended we headed home to bed...... Youngest had promised me brunch in the morning before my drive home.......... 

Sunday morning I was feeling very lazy and very spoiled - having my coffee served ... surrounded by my kids and grandkids...... breakfast cooking AND smelling so very good!!!

There was a knock at the door  and in walked my eldest daughter and her significant other.  They had driven down from Ottawa to celebrate my birthday.  Then my ex and his significant other showed up....... and the table was full !!  There was much laughter and chatter - and I could not stop thinking how loved I was - how special I felt!

What an amazing birthday I had!!!  What an amazing family I have !!!


  1. Anonymous11:05 am

    I'm so happy for you!!!

  2. Happy Birthday and what a wonderful way to celebrate.

  3. Sounds like a great celebration--you deserve to be pampered for a change!


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