Friday, June 29, 2012


I have had another outbreak of my "tummy problems".  It started on Monday and just won't give up.......... despite my  going back to clear liquids and soda crackers.  Despite my NOT having (really) cheated on the strict diet.

The pain is probably the worst part - it doesn't matter how I sit - or lie - or stand - or walk - the gnawing pain in my gut is always there.  I have doubled my meds - again! and despite having had virtually no solids for 48 hours I still have tummy problems.

I am discouraged.

W and I have a party to go this weekend - actually two parties.  I kept thinking what a great way to celebrate the end of the year............. but now I am faced with this - again!! 

I certainly don't think I could bear wearing a corset for an evening -steel boning pressing into my lower gut - BUT ... I can't come up with any alternative.......... it's where my mind set is I guess........ corsets = play party.  What the hell did I wear before I had corsets??? god only knows 

I did some research - colds/viruses can aggravate the problem - so can Tylenol - stress can aggravate it...... so maybe it isn't something I ate this time.......

And because I am me..... I can't help but feel W is getting damaged goods :(  and it seems so damn unfair - ya know.  He deserves more - WE deserve more - we have waited so long for this time........ and now ....... damaged goods.

What a great way to start my summer holidays........... discouraged


  1. you use to wear black nighties things to play parties. That could work, yes?

    Maybe it is time to go and visit a specialist to see if they have anything else they can do...


  2. Anonymous11:09 am

    Hope you are better nighties sound sexy nice!


  3. First, I just hope you can feel better soon. Somehow.

    Second, the play party thing? Corsets are NOT required. Thank goodness! I think W's suggestion of some sort of black negligee thingy can work. Seems to me this might be an opportunity to get creative and have some fun -- something, bright, flirty, floaty, naughty?


  4. You got me wondering - what do any of us actually deserve?

    Sorry you feel like crap, morningstar

  5. First off, i'm sorry you're not feeling well .. AGAIN!
    So NOT fun =(

    Secondly, "damaged goods"?????
    Honey, we ALL have issues, and the older we get, the more issues we generally start to get.
    You're not damaged my dear.
    It's just a fact of life ... and you just need to adjust.
    I know I haven't been the same since my surgery.
    I've had to make adjustments and find a new "normal".

    Don't be discouraged ... get creative! =)

  6. Ordalie12:49 am

    "what do any of us actually deserve?"
    Buffalo, you've got me pondering!


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