Monday, June 18, 2012

The Babysitters

Baby daughter called me in a bit of a panic a week ago.  She and hubbie had to work on Saturday - and the other grandma had plans.  Could I .. would I .. come out and babysit from early morning (9:30) to evening (8:00) 

There was a party W and I usually go to planned for the same day.  BUT considering the Mother's Day meltdown and the subsequent guilt feelings I had - I said I would come out and babysit.  

I don't just go out and "babysit".  Nah .. that's not my style.  I like to keep kids busy and entertained.  So I started to plan the attack.  

First - home made ice cream (vanilla) ........ then make some shark tooth necklaces (out of plastic ) .. then make ice cream sandwiches with the home made ice cream.... I had some hermit crabs in shells (plastic) that once submerged in water - start to grow ... throw in swimming and pizza for supper...and I figured I had the day covered.

W had asked if I needed help?? ME???  need help with 3 kids?? gimme a break !! I told him it was ok - a) I figured he could use a quiet weekend (it's been a rough couple of weeks with the sale of the house - and it isn't over yet ) b) it was a bloody long drive for him for a few hours - and I didn't *need* him......... 

So I arrived just after 9.. got the kid's schedules - especially the baby's.. nap time etc.. and shooed Mom and Dad off to work.  The kids were watching Saturday morning cartoons - which sounded like a plan to granny who was downing her second cup of coffee.  

Once the cartoons were done.. Granny suggested making the ice cream (schedules and all that - it takes a few hours for the ice cream to harden ready for cookie making) ..... so out came the bowls and measuring cups and ingredients.  The three boys gathered round the kitchen table and we got started.  It was fun.. even the baby got to stir the mixture, with his 2 big brothers breathing down his neck.    Ice cream machine was turned on.. and the older  boys trickled off to play some computer games and the baby and I settled down to watch some more cartoons and play with cars and weebles.

 is it ready yet granny???

While he and I were playing I saw a red car slow down outside the house.  I realized W had shown up to help babysit.  I was so happy to see him !!! ( I was glad he didn't listen to my "stay home and relax I'll be fine" I lie a lot)

The boys came upstairs.. we dumped the ice cream from the maker to a container to the freezer.. I made lunch.. and then the baby went down for his nap.  Then the big boys went out for a swim. 

Even W (thank god ) agreed to put his swim suit on when the baby got up - cause it was just too cold for granny !

Then granny brought out the supplies for the shark tooth necklaces.  Apparently I was told yesterday morning - that pigpen (the middle one) slept with his necklace on!! 

We dumped the hermit crabs in containers of water - ate pizza and ice cream cookie sandwiches and before I knew it the day was over .......

Sunday was a lazy slow day for me.  I did manage to get the laundry done... but mostly I spent the day in my pjs.. being lazy.  

And that was our very vanilla weekend..... 


  1. Anonymous7:21 am

    You are such a fun granny! Sounds like an enjoyable day for all.


  2. And how are the crabs doing???


    ps: the water was only cold when I got in and out of the water.


  3. You are such an awesome grandma! I always have tons of "surprises" planned when I spend time my little apecial ones too. abby

  4. You are such an awesome grandma! abby

  5. I want to be a Granny just like you (only in about 10 years from now! LOL)


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