Thursday, June 21, 2012

One Step Closer

We - W and I -  are one step closer to our dream.

There had been an offer on W's house two weeks ago - I was doing the happy dance around the house.  

Then - as would happen - problems arouse.  There were problems with the building inspection.  

W ranted (a bit) that he was selling the house "as is" didn't people understand what "as is" means??? I spent a week holding my breath.  Would it sell ?? or wouldn't it sell???? I kept reassuring myself that if they didn't like what the building inspection said (which wasn't good by my calculations) they would have withdrawn their offer.  They didn't.  They asked for yet another inspector to come in and look.  I held my breath some more.

This contractor/inspector came in on Monday evening ............ the decision had to be made by 9:00p.m. Tuesday night.  I figured they would wait until 8:59 Tuesday night.  I wasn't sure I could handle the suspense. 

But as I was leaving work late afternoon on Tuesday the email from W came in.  The house was sold !!!!!!!!!

Now plan B goes into effect.  And for some reason - I feel like I can help more with this part.  Plan B is - find a new home in the Kingston area.  

I have been searching the web looking at all the houses in our price range... checking room sizes - does it have a garage - does it have room for a garage (if there isn't one) is the asking price low enough to build a garage - does it have central air - how much would it cost to add central air (if there isn't central air) is there room for the train set - is there room for an office - for 2 guest bedrooms - for a dining room - does it look cute?? (can you tell where the list of needs/wants switches from W to me?? LOL)  Oh yeah and I have to find a sensible real estate agent who actually has our best interests at heart.

Oh and maybe I should add.......... we have just over 60 days to find a house and get W moved.   No stress !!

The minute I finish work - June 29th - the house hunt starts for real - in earnest.  

We are one step closer to our dream .........


  1. Congrats to W for the sale of his house!
    Now on to Part II of THE PLAN! lol

  2. Congratulations. This is so exciting. I hope you find something that has everything you need and want plus more.

  3. Congrats on the sale!!!! And good luck finding your new home:):)


  4. Ordalie11:35 pm

    What is central air? Do you mean central heating?

  5. Ordalie - central air is air conditioning that is connected to the furnace so that it cools the entire house.

    Unlike the window units that cool just one room. I have central air conditioning and though I LOVE the heat - the last week of HIGH humidity and heat would be too much even for me!! It is very nice to come home to the entire house feeling cool.


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