Monday, June 04, 2012

Play Time

W and I had plans for the weekend.  He was going to come over and get me and bring me back to his place and we were gonna organize all the stuff for his garage sale which is next weekend.

However Saturday morning I was dragging my ass a little bit.... just feeling like my battery had no charge whatsoever.  Then W's emails sounded a bit the same ....... so W decided that he would come over and take me out for lunch - then we would veg out together for the afternoon.

At some point mid afternoon I guess - W got up and said he wanted to play.  All I could think was - "damn I just don't have the energy to take a beating" but beating was not what W meant.

He went upstairs and found my hitachi..... my favourite - 'oh my god orgasm' - vibrator.  

However he did not bring down the attachments - and I always use the attachments. I mentioned to W that he "forgot" the attachments - but he just smiled and turned it on.

At the first sound of the whirring motor my pussy started twitching.  Talk about Pavlov's conditioning!!!!

I was on the lazy boy chair - with it tilted back - offering easy access to W and the hitachi.  Suddenly I started having fits of giggles.......... ya know how I have always said you can't spank yourself - can't give yourself the right amount of pain cause you will stop reflexively first???   know how I have always said that there has to be an element of the unknown in playing?? but when you do it yourself you KNOW what's coming next??   

Well it was the same thing with the hitachi.......... when I use it on myself I will move it off the tender bits when it gets too intense.. or I will adjust the speed - or lift it off completely for a breather ........... Well the giggles hit when I realized that W had no intention of pleasing me in the shortest time possible and stopping,  OH NO.. W had every intention of playing.......... and in our definition play = pain.

W concentrated all his energies on my clit jewelry - focusing the high speed spinning vibrating head of the hitachi on the jewelry - or lifting the jewelry and sliding the head just underneath to cause the most intense sensations on the most sensitive bits.

I was becoming a bit frantic - the sensations were so intense - to the point of being painful - and knowing that I never cum only from clit stimulation ......... Then I felt it - a tightening in my belly - not a big one - but  before I knew it the orgasm had washed over my body.  Just a small one - but it relaxed my body enough to get into this play time with W.

After 3 or 4 more little ones - W had me "eating out of his hand" so to speak - I didn't care what he did or how.. I was right there with him.  And then suddenly - without any warning or tightening - nothing - an earth shattering orgasm hit..... full blown - squirting - shaking orgasm......... and I collapsed back into the chair ............ exhausted spent and smiling.

I do like W's "play time"!!!

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