Saturday, June 02, 2012

Boot Blacking

Over the years of being in BDSM I have heard many times the phrase "Boot Blacking".  I have seen workshops offered on it... I have heard of submissives/slaves listing off the joys of Boot Blacking - I have even heard of competitions for Boot Blacking.

I often wondered what all the fuss was about.

When I was growing up my father used to polish his black leather shoes every Saturday night - before the hockey game - to get them ready for church the following morning - and for work the following week.  When I was old enough he started to teach me how to "polish shoes" .......... because in my day we wore black oxford shoes to school and they had to be polished/shined every Saturday night - in preparation for school for the following week.

For years (well for 5 years) every Saturday night I would polish my black oxfords beside my father.  He would watch how/what I was doing and correct me if I did something wrong.  He would point out areas I missed.  I remember once when I decided I would (god only knows why) polish the bottoms of my shoes!! I learned a fast lesson on the evils of shoe polish all over my mother's hard wood floors.

Polishing shoes - to me - was just another chore that had to be done.  So when my girls came along and went into white leather baby boots - they got polished every Saturday night along with any boots that needed polishing.  Some times the kitchen counter would be covered with various pairs of shoes/boots waiting to be done.

Fast forward - the girls stopped wearing leather shoes - and the boots would be polished once or twice a season and coated with some waxy stuff that prevented the salt from eating away at them........... and Saturday night shoe polishing became a thing of the past.

So honestly I wondered what all the hoopla over Boot Blacking was about...... seemed to me - unless there was some kinky stuff - like bondage or spankings thrown in - it was all just a regular shoe polishing with a fancy title.

A year or so ago W bought himself a kilt - a utility kilt.  They are / were all the rage for Dominants.  And to be honest I love to see W in his kilt.  The only problem was - he really didn't have appropriate shoes to wear with his kilt.  I kept thinking a nice ankle high black leather boot would look amazing.  

The last time we were in Kingston - we wandered down the main street - popping into shops - checking stuff out.  Lo and behold didn't Kingston have an army surplus shop.  (Now that shouldn't be a big surprise as Kingston is a military town) W found a really nice pair of ankle high black leather boots for an excellent price.  And a week or two later the shoes showed up here with shoe polish and brushes for polishing.  

The bag with the shoes has sat on the kitchen floor since then.  Every once in a while I will hear the bag rustling as my miss ashes climbs in, sticks her head into the leather shoes and purrs madly.  (miss ashes has a serious shoe/leather fetish) 

This morning I decided I would polish up the boots.  See if I got any different feeling from polishing now that I was officially "boot blacking".  I spread the polish and worked it in - getting polish all over my hands / arms and the kitchen counter.  (now I remember why the Saturday night polishing was done in my father's workshop in the basement) 

Then I polished.......... and wondered if I should really actually spit on them so I could say they were "spit and polished" but decided against it - as a lady never spits!  The boots are done and sitting waiting to go back to W's ............. the kitchen counters are cleaned up - my hands and arms are scrubbed clean of polish............ 


I am here to report that Boot Blacking - is - in my humble opinion - absolutely no different from polishing shoes!  I guess it just sounds sexier saying "boot blacking".


  1. If you don't see a difference then they aren't done correctly yet..

    I know that practice makes perfect and it HAS been awhile since you polished a pair of boots, but in time you will learn to see them shine...


  2. SIR!! are you saying they aren't shiny enough??? i thought they were nice and shiny - spit and polished without the spit...

  3. They need to be spit shined.

  4. Not my thing (I don't even buy clothing if it might require ironing, so obviously not going to buy shoes that require polishing lol), but from what I understand from friends who are into boot blacking it is the element of submission, of taking pride in making your Dom look his best, etc. I wonder if you would have a different reaction if you polished the boots while Sir was wearing them? (never having polished boots, I don't know if that's practical or not.) I do know that even as someone who doesn't identify as terribly submissive, there are chores I enjoy doing much more (such as mending S's clothes) when it's an order or done sitting at his feet and so on :)

  5. Ordalie11:27 pm

    Having read your comment on Swan's last post I was wondering when your school year ends.

  6. Ordalie - the children finish on the 22nd of this month - and I finish on the 29th.......


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