Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Winding Down

Yesterday was our last "celebration" of our countries that we have visited over the last 180 days.  We have been in Hawaii (and yes I know Hawaii is NOT a country) since the beginning of June.  Yesterday was our luau - a very non-traditional luau. The kids made ice cream sundaes - and added pineapple and tropical fruits - my acknowledgement of local foods.

I snuffled and coughed and sweated my way through setting up tables - organizing the fruits and marshmallows and chocolate sauce and caramel sauce - the leis - and the ice cream and the bowls and the spoons. 

 And when it was all over - except for the cleaning - I shooed the kiddies outside to run off the sugar ...... left a few staff to clean up the mess - and I dragged my sick body home to bed.

Now it really is wind down time....... hold the roof on until Friday .... finish up last minute paper work - visit with the kids some - go to the Grade 6 graduation exercises (tonite if I can hold up long enough) go to the Kindergarten graduation exercises tomorrow (don't get me started on graduation exercises for Kindergarten!!) and set my sights on Friday June 29th when I lock my office door and walk out of the building and start my summer vacation!!!


  1. Down home school has been over since before Memorial Day. Poor, poor Canucks.

  2. Hang in there... The end is in sight.


  3. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Hope you're feeling better soon. Was so sad to read your post about closing your day care on the island.

    The tables look very colorful. From your statement think you have the same feelings as I do about graduation for Kindergarten. (is this really necessary for 5-6 yr olds?)

    Take care

  4. My information on this is a bit sketchy and might be corrected, if researched properly (this is not one of my main areas of historical interest) but as far as I am aware, the official recognition of Hawaii as an independent kingdom by France and the UK (from somewhen in the middle of the 19th century) was never repealed. So, if this is correct, France the UK and the Commonwealth, including Canada, still officially recognize Hawaii as an independent country.

    So it is OK for us to call Hawaii a country, just don't tell the Americans :)



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