Monday, June 25, 2012

Sharing is Caring

Normally W and I can go weeks with nothing to do on the weekend - except amuse ourselves.  

This past weekend however was not one of those weekends...... 
1)  I had been invited to a "girls only" barbeque - Saturday afternoon through evening
2) W and I had been invited to a birthday luncheon for a friend on Saturday
3) There was an impromptu munch virtually down the street from me for dinner on Saturday evening.

OR the other really big choice was.......... 

I could lie in bed with the "sharing is caring" bug (youngest daughter named the bug that - after the kids shared it with me last weekend)  and die.

Despite this being a democratic society - I didn't get a vote.  Even W's dominance didn't come into play  ............. the sharing is caring bug won out.  I spent the weekend blowing my nose and coughing up a lung lying in bed (or on the sofa).  

If I hadn't been so damn sick I might have felt a wee bit sorry for myself.  All these weekends have gone by with nothing but boring vanilla stuff going on.... so much vanilla I have almost forgotten what BDSM feels like - looks like - sounds like.  My Monday morning reports are a "snore fest" .......... le sigh......... 

On the brighter side - I have 3 1/2 days of work left - and surely in THAT time this sharing is caring bug should be gone......... and then the Monday morning reports might just have a little something interesting.............

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  1. Anonymous12:46 pm

    One more happy thing about retirement, (knocking on nearest wood) I never seem to get the 'bug' anymore. Thinking maybe less stress, not being so tired, etc ramped up the immune system.

    Hope you feel better quickly.



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